Privacy Policy

Privacy? Who's got privacy?

OK, so we all know that the Internet is inherently insecure, but Peter's Row has a responsibility to see that this site operates in a secure manner.

We were recently informed that we had been hacked. The attack came, we believe, a few days before Christmas of 2016. As far as we can determine, user data was not disclosed. Information you provide to us is sent to and from a secure server. For example, when you place a book order, you can check to make sure that the address bar shows "https" or that a lock icon is shown. In addition, you should see a Go-Daddy seal on these pages that indicate the use of a secure server.

The hackers apparently targeted our mail software, the code pages that automatically generate email when someone makes a purchase on this site. The hackers were able to use our pages to send spam. Go-Daddy, our web host, detected the hack and suspended our automated email service. This explains why purchasers did not get confirmation or download instructions from us. As a result, they contacted us at the AOL address.

We initially thought that Go-Daddy was having problems with its email servers. It took us a while to learn of the hack.

We have begun instituting changes to provide better security for the users of this site: Please feel free to contact us at: