Last Will and Testament of John Parker of Mattapony - 9 January 1692 - Typescript in the Clerk's Office

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In the name of God Amen I John Parker of Mattapony being sick & weak in body but of sound mind and perfect memory thanks be unto Almighty God therefore doe make and ordaine this my last will & Testament in manner following

First I bequeath my soul unto the hand of God trusting by the merits of Jesus Christ my Redeemer to Inherit Everlasting Life: and my body to the earth to be directly interred in the Garden behind the house neare my sons Roberts body, and the place to be Kept constantly inclosed either with a wall or a stronge pale by him who shall possess the plantation of mattapony, & in case ye same shall at any time after my interment be decayed and suffered to continue unrepaired by the apace of six weeks together then my will is that my next heire male shall entre into my said plantation to hold the same to him & his heirs for Ever upon the condition aforesaid:

2 Item I give to my eldest son George Parker twenty shillings to be paid upon demand after my decease & to each of his children two ewes & one ram among them all about the middle of May next after my decease to be paid by Executor hereafter named:

3 Item I give unto my second son John Parker my Plantation called Mattapony bring that whereon I now live conteyning by estimation foure hundred acres as the same is marked & bounded by me from the land head of the long gut to hum and his heirs for Ever after the decease of my wife Amy but not t o be possest thereof nor any part thereof before but by her consent, alsoe I give to my said son the half of my great sloop to hold in partnership with my said wife, & he to pay truly & without fraud unto the halfe of her getting of what she is said for:

4 Item I give unto my said son William three hundred acres of Land lying in Pokomoke River in Somerset county in Maryland as by Pattent called Winter Quarter to him & his heirs forever, and alsoe my sloop called Arlington wth all her appurtenances wholly to him & his proper use and allsoe my smiths tools Anvill & bellowes

5 Item I give unto my son Edward Parker two hundred acres of land being part of Mattapony Pattent as the same is particularly exprest in a deed of gift made by my to him bearing date the twenty first day of December 1692 but not acknowledged in Court to him & his heirs for ever as alsoe I give to my said son all my Carpenters & Joyners tooles whatsoever as alsoe my horse Fly which I had of him all my wearing Apparel, & the Chest which is called mine:

6 Item I give unto my son Mathew Parker & to his heirs for ever my plantation called Little Gargapthia conteyning 400 acres whereon Richard Hayes now liveth lying nere little Gargaphia in Accomack & alsoe the half of the Hummocke & marishes at Maru,scoe in Maryland to hold Joytenancy with his brother Thomas Parker & their heirs for ever the same being purchased of Josias Seaward:

7 Item I give to my son Anderson & to his heirs forever 385 acres of Land lying in Accomack neere Bloxom Bridge as the plot thereof appears:

8 Item I give unto my son Thomas Parker & to his heirs forever a Tract of land cont 200 acres lying at the head of Messongo branch joyning upon John Hudson as by the plot thereof appears also I give unto my son Thomas that plantation which I purchased of Maximillian Gore cont 295 acres with all singular the appurtenances to him & his heirs for ever as alsoe the halfe of the hummock & marishes in Marumsco in Maryland which I purchased of Josias Seaward to hold with his brother Mathew:

9 Item my will is that my son Edward shall have free Liberty of fowling in Anangatees fields one day in a fortnight without any molestation as alsoe in Mattapony during his liveing where I have now given him Land:

10 Item I give unto my grandson John Ayres two ewes to be delivrd in May next after my decease:

11 Item I give unto William Williamson my horse Spitfire with my bridle & saddle

12 Item I give & bequeath all other my estate whatsoever both within doores & without with all debts & dues to me belonging as alsoe the halfe of my great Sloop wholly & solely to my well beloved wife to dispose of as ro her shall seeme fit and doe hereby appoint my said wife Amy sole Executrix of this my last will & Testamt and doe alsoe revoke & make void all other will whatsoever by me formerly made In witnes whereof I have hereto set my hand & seale and doe publish & declare this to be my last will & Testament the ninth day of January in the fourth year of ye Reign of our Soveraigne Lord & Lady King William & Queen Mary and in the yeare of or Lord one thousand six hundred ninety two

John Parker Senr of Mattapony

Signed sealed & published in the

prsence of

Cha: Scarburgh

Bennet Scarburgh

John Watts

September ye 29th 1695 Mr Bennet Scarburgh one of the witnesses to ye above Last will & Testam of John Parker Senr deceased made oath in open Court of Accomack County yt he saw ye same signed sealed & published ans the act & Deed of ye Testator

Teste Jno Washbourne Cl Cur Co Accomk


Coll Charles Scarburgh another witness to ye above Last Will & Testamt of John Parker Senr decd made oath in open Court of Accomk County 7ber 29th 1695 that he saw ye Same signed sealed and published as the act & Deed of the Testatr.

Teste Jno Washbourne Cl Cur

Recorded 7ber ye 24th 1695 p me

Teste Jno Washbourne Cl Cur Co Accomk

Memorandume That for ye Better explaining of my will as above & on the Reverse thereof I Expressed I John Parker the Testator Doe Declare that my will and meening is That any of my sons above mentioned may allinate sell or dispose of my Lands given them as aforesd Except the foure hundred acres by sopositions at Mattapony Given to my sone John the wch plantation I doe hereby Intayle on the Hayers Mayle of my sones & their Hayrs for Ever and for want of such to my next hayrs at Law for Ever AND forasmuch as the Resedue of this Mattapony plantation being by Estimation Two Hundred acres is given ans well by a Deed of Gift tho not acknowledged in court to my son Edward Parker and his hayrs & assigns for Ever, yet nevertheless my Will & meaning is That if my sd sone or his hayrs should at any tyme hereafter think fitt to dispose or sell the sd Land That then if my forsd sone John or whome Elce is possessed of this plantation whereon I now live will purchase provided they will Give Twenty shillings or value thereof more than other purchaser, To the End that the same may still Remaine in the family of the Parkers and not Discomode ye Possessor of the other part of this Devident of Mattapony and Forasmuch as I alsoe have Two hundred acres of marsh being the northermost of Pungoteage Island, not expressed in the aforesd Will, my will is that the said two hundred acres of marsh according to sd pattent, be appropriated and Intended of & by this Mattapany plantatcon LIkewise I have Two hundred acres of marsh by a later Pattent upon Pungoteage Islands aforesd Two hundred acres which is also omitted to be mentioned in the afforsd Will but is given by a Deed of gift aforesd to my sone Edward Parker, The which sd Two hundred acres my will is and I Doe hereby Give and bequeath the same to my sd sone & his hayrs for ever to the purport of the before Recited Deeds

John Parker Senr

The above Coddecell and memorandem or explanacon signed & sealed by mr John

Parker Senior and acknowledged as his Deed & acts this

Twelvth day of January 1692/3 I the presence of us

Wm. Anderson

George Hope

George Parker Senr



_____.  Accomack County Wills &c 1692-1715: 80.

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