The Will of George Parker, Sr. - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk


BY Nancy Jo Revell, DY

Thousand seven hundred & Eight

Church of England I Georg Parker sener in ye County of Accomack firginya being Good health Praysd bee allmyty God for ye same I doe make ordain constitute and apoint this my Last Will & Testament to be in Maner and form as Folloing

Imprimos 2 I bequeath my soule Into the hand of the Allmity god who Gave itt and my body to the ground to Receive such desent Chistian buriall as att the diseriscion of my Executrix hereafter nomynated shall be thought most fitting and Conveyent in surr and sartin hops of a Joyfull Resurecttion In and through marsises of my blessed Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Item 3 I give unto my son Georg Parker the halfe of this track of Land upon the westermost side of the branch where I doe now Live on with the Paster and halfe the orchid and halfe to barns all the tenfats and tener & corrers towls and the othe halfe of my sd track of Land to his and his eairs for Ever when his mother doe decease this life my meanin is that halfe the produs of ye orched when the charg of keeping of ye ordherd in yearly Repairs with fence or fencis and triming and any other charg which may or shall hapen to ye said orch'd my son Georg or my troustees for to se it paid and ye Remaneer of ye Profitts to put hin to coll and doe also give him my Copor still with worm and tob after his mother deseas and my halfe of ship Rack Island the aforesaid fore hundred akers of Land and this Island & still to him and hie heirs for Ever but not for to be sold out of my blod nor for to be Leat att one less for above teen years at a Less If it doth please god that my son Georg should dye without any Lawfull Issue my will is that my dafters Abygall Parker alias Lafbury and Elizabeth Parker to them given as to thear brother to them and thear hearus for Ever the above menshoned Land to be divided by a strat Line from the head of my tanners brance to the medell of my line betwen me and the Land formerly Caled Jonathan Sturgisses and now Called Sarh Nubys and Thomas Joneis the westermost sid of the aforesaid brunch and Line to hur and hur Lawfull Eairs for Ever the other Eastermost sid of the aforesaid brunch to my dafter Elizabeth and hur Eairs for Ever and half the produs of the orched for thirtine years after hur brothers Georges deces as aforesaid Land to be sold to Each other as they shall think fitt but not to any other (-----) as aforesaid to my sone (-----.)

Item 4 I give unto my son Georg Parker half my watter mill & half my felling mill to his & his Eairs for Ever that is not to be sould nor Leat in a Less but for to fall in the same maner as my Land aforesaid is the ameaditt profitts after the Charges of the mill are discharged the halfe profitts to put my son Georg to scowl with the profitts afore menshoned I allso give him my grett gun and graitt spitt and three cows and Calfe and six Ewes and a Rame and my Carbin and a pare of pistalls and holsters and my ould small gun and my sped mare and my gratt pott and a beather bead and fornytur and foer puter disses and foer puter platts.

 Item 5 I doe Gvie to my Loveing wife Mary Parker the plantation on the Eastermost sid of the brance with ye houses and all other Convennienses to itt belonging and half ye orched and halfe the barn during hur naturall life she being att the half charg of keeping of ye orchard in Repair and half the coper still & worm fall to my sone Georg Parker as Is aforesaid menshuned I doe allso give my wife lebrty to put one booath my Landswhat catill horses or Mas ---------- hogs off hur one durring her naturall life and after hur I allso give my wife halfe my watter mill and half the fulling mill shee being att half ye Charg or Charges that ye sd mill or mills shall acrue and Grind for my dafter Abigall to be to all free and hoper free on grinding dayes but if itt should be known that shee doe sell Eather meall flower -------------- husband what meall soe Ever (then for hur or them for to Lous that benifitt for Ever the aforesaid half mill I doe give to my wife during hur naturall life and then for to fall to my too garn dafters Ruath Laufbery allias Parker and Mary Laufbery the dafters of dafter Abygall to them and thear Eairs for Ever for to sell to each other for to my son Georg or his heirs but not to sell to any person or persons Eals and if my dafter Elisebeth should Live so nigh to my mill as to Come to itt for to have hur Corne or wheatt ground shee shall bee hoper free and to all free acorting as shee and Abygall shall come or send forst on grinding dayes but not fot to sell either meall or flower nor to bring any bodyes Eals under a pretence of theair one then they boath then if ather of them should do soe then) doe soe shall los the benifitt, as aforesaid for Ever - - - - -

Item 6 I give unto my dafter abygall Laufbury four hundred acres of Land called mount hope near Samuwell powells and near the head of one of sant martins branches that David hudson doe now Live onn the aforesd Land I give to her and her Eirs for Ever I also give hur thirty aceres of marsh in Romly marsh itt being the third part of Ninty acars of Marsh which I porchas of Edward Geesn Called wocitt to hur and hur Eairs for Ever and the other sixty acors to my dafter amy hutson and my dafter Mary Warrinton and their eairs for Ever the Land & Marsh ling in Mariland - - -

Item 7 I give unto my cossin Scarburgh Parker the dafter of my Brother William Parker the trackt of Land that hur father William Parker gave to mee lying onn the head of the sound in Maryland I give it to hur and hur Eairs for Ever Lawfully begott of hur body but if she doe die without such then to my four dafters Ann Mary Abygaril and Elesabeth to them & their heirs for Ever I allso give my cossen Scarburgh Parker to young cows and Cow Calfe to be delivered to hur out of my stock att Rumly Marsh ye next May after shee shall obtain the age of 18 the Land afore mentioned for hur and hur Eairs Lawfully begot of hur body & for lack of which to my dafters as afore mentioned.

Item 8 I give unto my dafter Elesabeath hopson Choas I Land Commonly known by the name of Kickoranck I Land which I bout of Cor. Daniel Jenifer containing three hundred and sevent fife akers I doe give itt to hur and hur Eairs for Ever I doe allso give hur the new bead and furniture belonging to it and hur Chos of my two new guns----

Item 9 I doe give hennere Sachell one hundred and fifty Acares of Land which I sold him on the south sid of the Indon town branch bounded on the westermost sid on gargathia Road and on the south sid on Mr. Edmon balys Land on the East sid on Mr. henere Custisses Land bee itt mor or Less within them bounds I doe give itt to him & his Eairs for Ever, hee paying my Executrix att the Rentt of three thousand a hundred Itt being more or Less shee paying for srvaing of itt.

Item 10 I doe give Tho: Cops one hundred acres of Land ling on the north sid of ye Indon town branch bounded westerle on Gargathia Road easterle on ye Land of wife part my and his cossen I doe give ye sd Land to Thomas Cops and his Eairs for Ever he paying of by Executrix as his bills doe Express and the fork of the Indon town branch I doe give to the County for to boyid a church on if they will Except of itt I doe give it to ye County for that yous for Ever -----

Item 11 I give my Loveing wife my Negro boy Tom during her naturall Life & after hur deses to my son Georg Parker I doe give hur a bay Mar and hur brideall and sadell and three of my best stears hear at Eather of my Lands & foer of the beast stears att Romly Marsh after William Whitt is paid thirty Eight pounds horkill mony steven warington is for to pay teen pounds and teen shillings of itt & I did allso Leive thirteen and a half yard of Carsi and twenty one yard of Linning to bee sold for young catell my brother Mathw Parker doe owe me seven pound and twelv shillings which he promosed to pay Will: White allso horkill mony

Item 12 I doe give my dafter Abigirl Laufbury fife cows and Calfe onn Ewe and six Lambs & ye six part of my puter and a bras candill stick: and three stears to be delivered hur of ether three or foer years old and gun all to be delyvered to her the next May after my deseace and I doe give my son In Law John Laufbury my shallop and all hur Riging If hee and my dafter Abigall do not gitt the Land that I have given them Called moount hope but if they should Gett the Land the shallop & Riging for to Return to my Estate again.

Item 13 I doe give my dafter Eleasabeath Parker six cows & six Calfes and foer two year old stears to be delivered to her about on the next may after her marrying or third may after my death and my new trunk wth ye lock and Kay

Item 14 I doe give unto my Grandafter Ruth too Cows and Clafe and to Ews & too Ew Lambs & they for to be Ceapt hear and on one of the Islands maile & female tell they shall come to the number of ten head of Keach kind and then sum of them for to be sold for to put her to socoll by those that has her in keeping the above catell and sheep to be delyvr to my dafter Elesbeath for her yous the next may after my death

Item 15 I give too my Grandafter Mary Loafbury one Cow and Clafe and too ews amle and female to be delivered to her father John Laufbury for hur yous the secken may after my Death

Item 16 I give my dafter Amy huchson one Iron pot or Kitell and my Case and bottles that is att the wido kinnits

Item 18 I give to my godson John Danill one yearling heffer and a Ew & Lamb to be delviered to him on the next may after my deseace -----

Item 19 I give to my goddafter Jane Shipard a too year ould heffer and itt for to go on hopson Choice Island with ye femaill increas tell shee shall obtain to ye years of Sixteen and also a Ew and Ewe Lam wth ye feamaill Increas all three to be delivered to her next may after my desease

Item 20 I doe give John Colvirt a three year ould heffer and a claf att Rumly Marsh ye next may after my deace

as for the Rest of mu personell Estate which itt hath pleased allmity God for above my desarts to bestoe on me (I give and bequeath the same when all my just deats is Recorded and allso my Just deats paid I doe

Item 21 I give my Loveing wife one half of itt and the other halfe to my fife Children Amy Huchson Mary Warinton Abigall Laufbury Elesabeath Parker and Georg Parker to be Equally divided between them fif but if my sd wife should marry then what theire shall be to to Equally devided between my son Goerg Parker and dafter Elesabeth Parker.

Item I do Constitute and Appoint my wife Mary to be sol executrix of this my Last Will & Testament Revokin & disanuling and sigular my other will or will Testanets whatsoever by me formerly made declaring this to be my last will & Testament.

And i doe desier my Loveing Kindsman Mager Geprg Parker and my Loving frind Capt Richard Drumond and my frind henre Bagwell and Godson Georg hop to be adin and asistin to my sd Exetrix and children in what they Lawfully require to be done and for to put my son Georg Parker to scowl wth ye profitts aforesd and for to Exicut as to ye true performance of this my Last Will and testament according to the true intent and meanining thereof or three of these foer, (of these my good frinds for to Act and doe as if they all foer (were present and In witness whereof I have sett my hand and sealle

Geor Parker sener

William Willet

John Read

Henry Read

vera: Copa: ye will of Geo: Parker decd as farr as I can make vizable to me

Teste: Cha: Snead Cl: Cur: Com Accomack

This day John Parker appeared in Cort togeather with ye Clerk and produced a Copa: of the Last Will & Testament of the Abovesd: Geo: Parker decd as farr as they Can make vizable According to an order of Cort date June ye 2d 1713 and made oath to the same to be a true Copa: as far as they could make vizable to them.

John Parker

Cha: Snead Cl: Cur: Com Acck.

The within Last Will & Testament of George Parker senr was proved in open Cort: of Accomack county by the oaths of William Willet John Read & Henry Read the three witnesses to the same wth the Cort: admitted to Record July ye 7th 1713

Teste: Cha: Snead Cl: Cur -----------------

Recorded July ye 15th 1713 P Cha: Snead Cl: Cur: Com Accomk

_______.   Accomack County Wills &c. 1692-1715:603.

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