Susanna (a Negro woman) Survey - 12 January 1799 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk

12 January 1799
This Day at the Request of Elijah Shay for Susanna a Negro Woman formerly the Wife to Doublin Drummond Surveyed Eight Acres of Land it being a Remainder which ther said Doublin gave his son Goerge, which land is Siuate lying and being Near Mesungo (Known by the Name of Gales Swamp) and bounded as folows (towit) On the N.. E. by the lands of Geo Crozwill late of Francis Litchfield, on the N. W. by the lands of William L. Lucas, on the S. W. by Galloping Ridge Road, and on the S. E. By the lands of the heirs of James Hopman the Plat and other particulars below
Parker Barnes: DS. AC.


_____. Accomack County Survey Book 2 (1794-1799).

_____. Eastern Shore Stuff Scans of Various Items - Accomack County Survey Book 2 - 1794-1799.

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