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NOTE: This land was in Drummondtown, the present day town of Accomack.

Dr. Hugh Ker was born in Accomack Co, VA circa 1769. Hugh died before 30 June 1845 (Miles & Miles Wills, p. 316). Hugh was named as heir in his father's will 17 May 1786 in Accomack Co, VA (Nottingham, Wills, p. 403, 404). An abstract of the will of Edward Ker reads:
KER, EDWARD - 17 May 1786 - 18 Oct. 1790 - To wife plantation where I live containing 550 acres for life & then to my son George. To son George plantation bought of Thomas H. Parker, containing 175 acres To son John Sheppard 300 acres of the land bought of James Cox, the line dividing him & his brother Hugh to be the branch running into the head of Pungoteague. To son Hugh all the land bought of James Broughton as con-tained in 3 deeds, being 109 acres, & all the surplus of 300 acres of the land bought of James Cox, supposed to be 98 acres, also the land & plantation bought of Michael R. Tatham. To son Edward all the land I now hold or may die possessed of in the County of Northampton, & the lands in Accomack bought of John & Littleton Harmon & Edmund Polson. To 3 daughters Jean Scarbrough, Catharine Christian & Ann Revell the lands 1 hold in Gloucestor, containing 243 1/4 An. To daughter Elizabeth Ker 500£ to be paid in 2 negro girls & 1 negro boy & in stock & household furni-ture. To daughter Isabel 500£ to be paid in like manner. Remainder of my land to be sold, & the proceeds, together with the residue of my estate to be divided between my 4 sons George, John Shephard, Hugh & Edward. Wife (no name) Exec. Sons George & John Shephard Exrs.

Codicil No. 1 - I revoke the 5th gift to my son Hugh, & in lieu thereof give to the said Hugh all the land & plantation near the Court House bought out of the estate of Severn Guttridge, with the lots in the Court yard, also the lots held in joint tenancy with Catharine Scott. In lieu of the lands bought of John & Littleton Harmon & Edmund Polson, I give to my son Edward Ker the land & plantation bought of Michael Rickets Tatham on the North side of Andua. To son John Sheppard the remainder of the land purchased of John Cox, being about 98 acres and 13 acres lying below the main road purchased of James Broughton. Daughter Margaret to have her board with either of my sons she may incline to live with, & should she choose to board elsewhere I bequeath her 12£ per annum while she remains single to be paid by my 4 sons, 3£ each. I desire that the representatives of my deceased daughter Ann Revell should have an equal share with my daughters Jean Scarburgh & Catherine Christian. he land purchased of John & Littleton Harmon & of Edmund Poulson I bequest to my 4 sons. Dated 28 Sept. 1788 - Witt: Reavel Watson, George Pearson, Rosy Harman. Will proved by John Wise, Jabez Pitt, Edmund Bayly, Jr. Codicil proved by Revill Watson & Rosy Harman.
(Whitelaw, p. 1003).

1777 - The will of Severn Gutteriedge directed that his land west of the Courthouse branch to be sold to pay his debts. The executors sold a 1/2 acre lot to Patience Montgomery; it was on the present highway [Business 13] nest to the branch and probable was the site of the village shop. They sold the balance west of the branch as 65 acres to Edward Ker, who in 1790 left to his son Hugh. He became mentally unbalanced and his affairs were handled by a committee.

On 8 January 1796 the lands of Hugh Ker were processioned in Saint George Parish District 17 (Walczyk, Processions, p. 15). The text reads: Hugh Ker & John Bull. Lines between Hugh Ker & Edmd Bayly. Lines between Hugh Ker & Levin Gray, Willm Sharrod, James Melson & Tully Mason present.

Hugh was named in a land cause 4 Mar 1801 in St. George Parish, Acc Co, VA (Nottingham Land Causes, p. 50, 51). An abstract reads:
John S. Ker
vs - Partition Suit.
Nancy Ker, Margaret Ker, John Ker & David Bowman & William Seymour, a committee of Hugh Ker, an insane person.

That Edward Ker the elder was lately seized of and in a tract of land containing 250 acres in the Parish of St. George, and being so seized in his lifetime, to-wit: on the ____ day of ____ 17--, made his last will and testament, and devised the premises aforesaid to his four sons, George, John S., Hugh & Edward Ker, to be equally divided; that by virtue thereof the said George, John S., Hugh & Edward Ker entered into the said premises and were seized thereof; that the said George Ker on the ____ day of ____ 179- died intestate, leaving a widow Sarah Ker and three children, to-wit: Nancy, John & Margaret, and no more, whereby the interest of the said George Ker in the said premises descended to the said Nancy, John & Margaret; that the said Edward Ker the younger on the ____ day of ____ 179- died intestate leaving no children nor father nor mother, but brothers and sisters and their descendants, to-wit: the said John S. Ker and the said Hugh his brothers of the whole blood, Elizabeth Seymour & Isabella Bowman his sisters of the whole blood, and Edmund Scarburgh, Jr., Margaret Coward, Alice Bayly & Edward, William & Elizabeth Scarburgh his nephews and nieces, children of Jane Scarburgh, dec., his sister of the whole blood, Margaret, William, John & George Edward Christian his nephews & nieces, children of Catherine Christian, dec., his sister of the whole blood, John & Margaret Revell, his nephew & niece, children of Ann Revell, dec., his sister of the whole blood, the said Nancy, Margaret & John Ker, his nephew & nieces, children of the said George Ker, dec., his brother of the whole blood, and Smith Snead, his nephew, the only child of Margaret Snead, dec., his sister of the whole blood, whereby the interest of the said Edward the younger in the said land descended to his brothers & sisters & nephews & nieces aforesaid, who entered in the same and became seized thereof as of fee, and being so seized on the 29 July 1800 the said John S. Ker, Samuel Coward & the said Margaret, his wife, the said Edmund Scarburgh, Jr., the said Hugh Ker, William Seymour and the said Elizabeth, his wife, David Bowman and the said Isabella his wife, Thomas Bayly and Alice his wife, presented their bill in chancery against the said Edward, William & Elizabeth Scarburgh, Margaret, William, John & George Edward Christian, John & Margaret Revell, Nancy, Margaret & John Ker & Smith Snead for the sale of the said Edward Ker, Jr's. part, which sale was ordered and Edward's part purchased by John S. Ker, so that the said John S. Ker, Nancy, Margaret & John Ker and the said David Bowman & William Seymour, committee as aforesaid of the said Hugh Ker, in right of the said Ker, hold together and undivided the said tract of land - George Parker appointed guardian to the defendants Nancy, Margaret & John Ker, infant defendants, to defend this suit. 4 Mar. 1801.
Hugh Ker's estate was settled 31 Jan 1825 in Accomack Co, VA (Miles & Miles Wills, p. 316). The text reads:
31 Jan 1825 (Audit & Rec'd) - Edward S. Snead's committee to Hugh Ker. Accounts between Hugh Ker & Edward S. Snead (his committee) were audited by William E. Wise & William D. Seymour & showed that $5,232.06 was due from the committee to Hugh Ker. There was also mention of rent of a kitchen in Drummond Town. (Note: Since this was the same date as the settlement of David Bowman, wherein Hugh Ker received a share, this may have been recorded to document that it was received by Hugh Ker's committee on his behalf.)
On 30 Jun 1845 Hugh Ker's estate was administered to Edward S. Snead (316). The text reads:
Ker, Hugh Dr. Administered to Edward S. Snead. Nathaniel Topping & Thomas R. Joynes securities. On 25 Jan 1848 the administration of his estate "de bonis non" was to George Ker with Miers W. Fisher and Leonard B. Nottingham securities (316).


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