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Anne Makemie was born circa 1700.  She was the daughter of Francis Makemie, the great uncle of William, Francis, John and Joseph Boggs.  Francis Mackemie was the first Presbyterian Minister in the Colonies.  In 1680 William Stevens of Somerset County, Maryland, sent to Scotland for a Presbyterian man to minister to them.  He was ordained in 1682 and in 1683 he set sail for the colonies.  NOTE: See William Stevens.  In 1687 he settled in Accomack County and married Naomi Anderson, the daughter of William Anderson and Mary Wise.  Besides holding services in Accomack County, VA ,and Somerset County, MD, he is known to have contucted services in Barbados, the Carolinas, and Norfolk VA (Mariner 7).

Anne died before 29 January 1788 (Nottingham).  She married George Holden circa 1755 as her third husband.  George was born 1700.  George died before 23 February 1774 (Nottingham).  George made a will on 14 September 1768.  It was probated 23 February 1774 (Nottingham).  An abstract of his will reads: "HOLDEN, GEORGE - 14 Sept. 1768 - 23 Feb. 1774 - Whereas I promised my wife Anne that if she should consent to dock the entail of the lands at Matchatank of which she was seized as tenant in fee tail at the time of our marriage, & having docked the same & got the fee simple thereof vested in me & my heirs, that she should in case she survived me enjoy the profits of the said lands for & during the term of her natural life &c., I therefore give & bequest the said lands to my wife Anne & her assigns during the term of her natural life - Not witnessed - p. 161  In order of probate: George Holden, only son & heir at law to the testator qualified."

In her father Francis Makemie's will on 27 April 1708 in Accomack Co., VA, Anne was named as an heir.  It was probated 4 August 1708 (Nottingham).  An abstract of his will reads:

MAKEMIE, FRANCIS - 27 Apr. 1708 - 4 Aug. 1708 - To kinsman William Bogg of Accomack.  To wife Naomi & 2 daughters Elizabeth & Ann Makemie.   To Mr. Jedidah Andrew, Minister at Philadelphia, books & after his death or removal then to the minister or ministers succeeding him in that place, and to such only as shall be of the Presbyterian or Independent persuasion.  To Andrew Hamilton my law books.  To eld. daughter Elizabeth 850 acres patented by me on the South side of Sykes Island & 200 acres of swamp near Pokamok Bridge known as Dumfriece, lots at Scarburgh Town.  To youngest daughter Ann 174 acres an Island on the South side of Watts Great Island, 350 acres on the South side of Matchetank Creek, 180 acres patented by me, lot at Scarburgh Town.  To wife Water & Grist Mill at Assawoman Branch for life then to daughters Wife & 2 daughters residual legatees of whole estate not already disposed of by the will of Mr. William Anderson or this will.   Should daus, die without issue, then to my youngest sister Ann Makemie of the Kingdom of Ireland and the two eldest sons of by brothers John & Robert Makemie, both of the name of Francis Makemie.   Daus. under 18.  To 2 daughters my 1/3 part of 3804 acres patented on Smith's Island, containing by estimation 1268 acres & should they die without issue to my sister Ann & the two eldest sons of my brothers John & Robert.  Wife Naomi Exec. & should she die before my will is proved then Col. Francis Jenkins, of Somerset County, Maryland & Mary his wife to be my Ex'rs & guardians of my children.  Mr. Andrew Hamilton Capt. John Wales, Robert Pitt, James Kemp in Accomack County, or any two of them, to assist my Ex'rs.  Witt: John Parker of Mattaponi, Elizabeth Davis, Elizabeth Pichee, A: Hamilton, Tully Robinson, John Lewis.

Anne was married three times without issue, first to Thomas Blair, next to Robert King of Maryland, and lastly to George Holden.  She survived all three of her husbands.  After the death of George Holden Anne retained some of her lands while parts went to her Stepson George Holden Jr., who died without issue.  Finally George Holden Jr.'s part was surveyed in 1802 and found to contain 1,187 acres of upland and finally sold by his heirs.

Whitelaw states: "1787 Madame Anne Holden made a deed of gift of her land in Fookses' Neck to John, Francis, and Joseph Boggs which stated that, 'In consideration of the Natural Love and affection which she bears to Johh, Francis and Joseph Boggs aforesaid and that they will always Vote at the Annual Election for the most Wise and Discreet men and who have proved theselves real friends to American Independence to represent the County of Accomack, the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged'" (Whitelaw 819).

Anne made a will on 15 November 1787 in Accomack Co., VA.  It was probated 29 January 1788 (Nottingham).  An astract of her will reads:

HOLDEN, ANNE - 15 Nov. 1787 - 29 Jan. 1788 - I give all my lands on Matchtank known as Fookes Neck to John, Francis & Joseph Boggs.  I give 100 acres purchased by my deceased husband King to Thomas & John Sandford.  To Betty Sandford.  To Ann Sandford, widow.  To Ann Sandford daughter of the widow To Esther Benston.  To Dr.  William Williams.  20 of my slaves to be divided between the children of Ann Whittington, Elizabeth Whittington & Jacoman Milligan, except Elizabeth Nichols, each to have 1/3 part.  "I give the two pictures of father & Mother to Samuel Wilson".  To Col. William Selby.  To Rev. Jacob Ker.  To Rev. Samuel McMaster.  To John Milligan & Mary Milbourn land & plantation where I now live, also my marsh land at or near Saxes Island.  Should John Milligan die without issue I give his part to Arthur Whittington.  John Milligan son of Jacoman Milligan.  To Millison Gladden.  To Peggy Milligan. Bal. of estate to be sold & money divided between Ann Whittington, Elizabeth Whittington & Jacoman Milligan.  Dr.  William Williams, Col. William  Selby,  Samuel McMaster & Elijah Milbourn Exrs.  Witt: Peter Delastatius, Charles Drummond, Joaikim Milbourn, Comfort Drummond, George Corbin, Thomas Evans.

The Procession of 1795, as it originally reads: "Eleventh District Decr 29th 1795 - Lines between Francis Boggs & Anne Holden's heirs.  Lines between William Smith & Anne Holden's heirs.  Lines between Levin Smith & Anne Holden's heirs ... Lines between Bennet Scarburgh & Holden's heirs.  Lines between John R. Parker & Holden's heirs. Lines between William Finney & Holden's heirs" (Processioners Returns).  There was no noted witness for this Procession.  It could possibly have been Stephen Moore. 

In the deed on 1 April 1805 in Accomack Co., VA, Anne Makemie was named as the previous owner of the land that Job Parks of Job Sr got from Abel West.  An abstract reads "--- an Island called Black Walnut Island, the said Island that West bought of Anne Holden, the said Island whereon the said Job Parks now lives --- for 250 acres more or less ---"


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