The orange numbers correspond to the household numbers generated by Gail M. Walczyk.
(Locations are approximate!)
Click a number to view the information for that household.

John Leatherbury Thomas Leatherbury Henry Custis Violater Windows Heirs Levi Whites Heirs John Bayly John R. Parker John Finneys Heirs William Finney Nathan Whites Heirs Garrett Topping Francis Boggs John Boggs William Boggs Ann Holdens Heirs Solomon Smith Stephen Moore John Parsons Levi Rodgers Reuben Joynes Heirs Branson Dolby John Smith Michael Parker Levin Smith William Smith William Crowson William Kennehorn Thomas Underhill Benjamin Phillips Susanna Phillips George Scarburgh Bennet Scarburgh John Teackle James Turlington John Arlington Polly Rodgers Thomas B. Bradford John hannaford

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