The Chandler or Drummond Place - by Gail M. Walczyk

In Whitelaw on page 824 [A59C] there is a picture of the Chandler or Drummond Place.  The description states, "the rear part with the outside chimney should date circa 1775, during the ownership of first Henry White."  Henry White was the son of Nathan White.  He also states, "in 1831 [Henry] sold it to John W. Chandler, his nephew."  He finally states that it is known that Chandler's daughter Annie F. married James C. Drummond and their daughter Elizabeth S. married Benjamin W. Parker.

This piece of land was included in the original 600 acre patent called Mattapony granted to John Parker I, who left it to his son John II.  John Parker left this piece to his son Sacker Parker.  By 1755 this tract was owned by Nathan White.  The 1755 procession reads:  "Pursuant to an Order of Vestry to us directed the Subscribers bearing Date the 7th Day of Novr 1755 ... a line between Wm Finney & Nathan White ... also a line between Anne King & Nathl White ... " (Processioners Returns).   Nathan White died intestate in 1794, leaving children Elizabeth, Parker, Sarah and Henry.  When the land was surveyed for division in 1796, it was found to be 136 acres.  The house and 37 1/2 acres went to Nathan's son Henry.  Although Whitelaw states that it was sold to the nephew John W. Chandler (there is no tombstone on the property for him or his wife), by the dates recorded in the Accomack County Death Register, he was born in 1817 and would have been only 14 years old at the time of the deed (Walczyk). 

A further look at the Chandler family finds that John W. Chandler was the son of William D. Chandler and his wife Margaret (Wise) Chandler.   (William and Margaret are buried in the yard there.)  Margaret was the daughter of George Wise and Elizabeth Badger.  Elizabeth Badger was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (White) Badger.  Elizabeth (White) Badger was the older sister of Henry White.  This would make John W.  Chandler a grand nephew.  It is more likely that William D. Chandler, whose wife was Henry's niece, bought the land from Henry White.

It was also mentioned that in the survey of the land, the house and 37 1/2 arcers went to Henry White.  If the house was built circa 1775 it was more likely built by Nathan White, who died in 1794.

See the Chandler Cemetery on this property.  See also the photographs of the house.


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