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Southey Milliner

Household 21

Southey Milliner son of Henry Milliner and Amey Bunting (Nottingham Wills: 218) was born in Accomack Co., VA circa 1754. Southey died between 30 December 1795 (Walczyk Processioners: 21). and 10 October 1798 ( District Court 1789-1799: 299-301) without a will or administration of his estate (Nottingham Wills, no page).

The will of Henry Milliner only names 3 of his sons; Smith, Henry and William, but he states that he has more (Nottingham Wills: 255). An abstract of his will reads:

MILNER, HENRY - 22 Nov. 1770 - 25 June 1771 - To wife Neomi land I bought of Middleton Melson during her life & then to be divided between my son Smith & Henry Milner. Should Smith die without issue his part to go to my son William Milner, & should Henry die without issue his part to go to my son Robert Milner. Bal. of estate to wife for life then to be divided between all my children. Wife Exec. Witt: William B. Bunting, Sebastian Cropper, Jr. In order of probate: Smith Milner heir at law to the testator.

Southey was named as heir in the will of his mother Amey (Nottingham Wills: 317). An abstract of her will reads:

MILLINER, AMEY - 25 Oct. 1778 - 1 July 1779 - To son Smith Milliner. To son William. To son Robert. To son Southy 20L cash. To daughter Rachel. To daughter Betty. To daughters Laney Melson & Anne Milliner. Bal. of estate to be sold & divided between my children. James Arbuckle Exr. Witt: George Arbuckle. In order of probate: The Exr. named in the foregoing will refusing to act William Milliner granted letters of administration.

Southey was named in the undated will of his brother Robert (Nottingham Wills: 330). It was recorded two entries before the will of his their sister Elizabeth that was recorded on 28 August 1781 (330). An abstract of the will of Robet Milliner reads:

MILLENER, ROBERT - To brother William Millener my land. To brother Southy Millener. To brother Smith Millener. William & Smith Millener Exrs. Witt: William Arbuckle, John Bagwell, George Monger, Israel Watson, Levin Prewit.

On 30 December 1795 the lands of Southey Milliner were processioned (Walczyk Processioners: 21). The text in part reads:

. . . Lines between Selby Simpson's heirs (Mill acre) & Southey Milliner. Lines between Selby Simpson's heirs (Mill acre) & John Moore. Lines between Elijah Simpson's heirs & John Moore. Lines between Southy Milliner & John Moore. Lines between Southy Milliner & John Dix' heirs. Lines between John Poulson (Mill acre) & John Dix' heirs. Lines between John Bundick & Handcock Simpson. . . .

Southey Milliner died without children as is shown in a Deed dated 10 October 1798 from Smith Milliner and Nancy his wife, Major Guy and Rachel his wife, Ann Melson (widow of Levin) and Rosey Melson, Middleton Melson and Rosey his wife, and John Melson and Betty his wife children and heirs of Lancy Melson decd to John Welburn. It was on this date that the heirs of Southey Milliner sold his land to John Welburn.

NOTE: The name of Milliner has been spelled Milner, Millener and Milliner.


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