Household 6 - Daniel Mifflin - Contributed by Gail M. Walczyk

HH 6


Daniel Mifflin was noted in 6 Procession Districts in the 1795/96 Procession; Accomack Parish District 1, Accomack Parish District 2, Accomack Parish District 3, Accomack Parish District 10 and Accomack Parish Distirct 11 (Walczyk Processions; no page). The lands that he was noted on either were in or bordered on these districts. This land was in District 11.

1787 The Humphreys [Anne and Robert] sold 200 acres to Anne's brother-in-law Daniel Mifflin. She had previously been married to Daniel's brother George (Whitelaw: 1267).

The 1795/96 procession reads:

Eleventh District - Decr 21st 1795 . . . Lines between Comfort Warrington & Daniel Mifflin (a maple). Lines between Jacob Taylor & Daniel Mifflin (a beech). . . . (Walczyk Processions: 23).

He died on 31 December 1795 and was buried in the Family burial ground (Wright Vital Records: 87).


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