Accomack County Procession District 10 (Accomack Parish)

10th Between the  North Fork of Guilford Creek &  Massongo Creek and along said Creek & Branch to  Wallops Road and along said road to the North side of  Guilford Creek. Isaac Warner,  John Howard &  William Lewis Lucas Processioners (Walczyk, Gail M.  Accomack County Processioners Returns 1796-1816 for Accomack and St. George's Parishes. Coram NY: Peter's Row, 2004; p. 2).

District 10 Accomack Parish included all the land between the north branch of Guildford Creek to Messongo Creek and on the east bounded by Old Route 13. It included the present day Temperenceville, Hallwood and Marsh Market. The land area contained 10 original patents. In 1795/96 there were a good number of Byrds and Bloxoms, besides others living in it.

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