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Daniel Mifflin's Heirs

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Daniel Mifflin

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Daniel Mifflin was noted in 6 Procession Districts in the 1795/96 Procession; Accomack Parish District 1 Accomack Parish Parish District 2 Accomack Parish Parish District 3 Accomack Parish Accomack Accomack Parish District 4 Accomack Parish Parish District 10 and Accomack Parish Parish District 11 (Walczyk Processions: no page). Accomack Parish Districts 1, 2, 3, and 4 adjoin one and other and are all on the seaside. This is District 3. SEE: MAP. It was noted in the 1795/96 Procession as: 1st First District - From the Line of Accomack Parish to Bowmans Branch and to Wallops Road (Walczyk, Processions: 1).

He died on 31 December 1795 and was buried in the Family burial ground (Wright, Vital Records: 87).

First District - Feby 1st 1796 - William Welburn & George Marshal. Lines between David Welden & George Marshal. Lines between Danl Mifflin's heirs & George Marshal. Lines between Danl Mifflin's heirs & Abram Hill's assignee. Esther Fiddeman & Abram Hill's assignee. . . (Walczyk, Processions: 15).

On 5 November 1800 his daughters, Patience and her husband, Elizabeth and her husband, Eyre and Rebecca sold eleven hundred and thirteen acres of his seasid lands to Charles Stockley. The deed in part reads: . . . the whole of Graveyards at the Mansion Plantation where the said Daniel Mifflin resided in his life & to the time of his death, in which said grave yards the said Daniel Mifflin, his ancestors, Children and relatives are interred . . . adjoining the lands of Doctr Fenwick Fisher the Virginia line, the lands of William Chapman decd Gingoteague Bay & Swan Gut containing by a late survey eleven hundred and thirteen acres of land . . . (Accomack District Wills &c 1800-1806; pp. 196-198).


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