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John Shepard Ker was the freeholder of note in 8 Precession Districts, on lands either in or bordering on these districts. These districts were:

Accomack Parish District 1, Accomack Parish District 2, Accomack Parish District 3, Accomack Parish District 4, and Accomack Parish District 12: St. George Parish District 10, St. George Parish District 12, and St. George Parish District 14

He resided on his land in District 12.

John S. Ker acquired this land through his wife Agnes Drummond Corbin, the daughter of George Corbin (Whitelaw: 1362).

(Nottingham; p. 400).
An abstract of the will of George Corbin reads:

CORBIN, GEORGE - 24 Sept. 1793 - 29 Oct. 1793 - To daughter Agnes Drummond Ker whole estate provided if she have a son that my son in law John Shepherd Ker call such son George Corbin, to which said son I will my Chingoteague plantation, Island & swamp land. To friend Catherine Scott for life my plantation at Onancock, & my daughter Agnes Drummond Ker to pay her 50L annually. To Catherine Parker 25L annually as long as she continues in Mrs Scott's family. To friend Revil Horsey & wife, of Somerset. To John Read & William Hill, my tenants in Horntown. To Mrs Barbary Knox. To nephew John Welburne. To George Corbin, son of my cousin Ralph Corbin, Jr., my plantation on Pocomoke, being the lands that were my grandfathers. To William & Drummond Welburne lands purchased of William Broadwater's Exrs., also 50 acres purchased of Ralph Corbin & my 1/2 of the lands & Mills held in partnership with William Selby. Nephew John Cropper & son in law John Shepherd Ker Exrs. Witt: George Ker, Peter Delastatius, Samuel Henderson. Codicil: The lands directed to devolve on my grandson to be called George Corbin to include all the lands on Chingoteague, Assateague & Wallops Islands, the lands bought of Risdon Moore & Scarburgh, his wife, being 37 1/2 acres, the lands on Wolf's Ridge, being 150 acres, also Joynes containing 100 acres & no other.


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