Mifflin to His Negroes - Manumission - 4 August 1775 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same.

To all men this may come Know ye that I Daniel Mifflin of Accomack County in the Colony of Virginia Farmer Being convinced of the Enquity & Injustice of detaining my fellow creatures in Bondage being contrary to the standing and Perpetual Command enjoyed by our Blessed Lord to his followers to do unto others as we would they should do unto us and also further believing that after such Manifestation and conviction made known the continueing in open violation thereof will incur his displeasure and prevent his peace promised to his faithfull followers being handed fourth to me Therefore believing it to be my Indispensable duty in Obedience to his requiring and command as aforsd to grant unto them their Natural just & inherent Right & Priviledge which they are Intitled unto by Nature under the consideration and conviction aforsd I do hereby Declare all the Negroes hereafter Particularly named absolutely free (to wit) Nancy Judea Hannah Peter Will Antient Negroes Binah Ben Judea Esther James George & Charity Judged at Fifty years Upwards Barbary & Molly Upwards of forty years of age Sarah Peggy James (called Kent) Zadock & George (Called Stealpone) & Polly aged thirty Years & upwards woman called (Dublin Leah) Phebe about Twenty nine years Rachel woman aged about thirty years man Ned Joshua & woman Phebe upwards of Twenty one Nimrod man under thirty years of age Jeoram a man aged near thirty Seven years Tamer a woman aged near thirty fives Leah woman aged upwards of thirty two Years Patience woman aged upwards of thirty years Judea woman aged thirty years about Sophia woman aged near thirty years man call Gilbert aged Twenty eight years Perry a man aged upwards of Twenty five years Lida woman aged about Twenty four years man named John aged upwards of Twenty one years woman named Isabella aged about Twenty years & woman Named Sarah daughter of Negroe Ester aged about nineteen Years so that Henceforth they the aforsd Negroes Every & each of them shall be deemed adjudged and taken as and for Free men and Women to all intent and purpose without the Set hinderance or Molestation of me my heirs Executors or any other person or persons whatever but that they be at their own disposal and at Liberty to act for themselves as free Men & woman and at full & free Liberty as free men and women Each in their own proper Names to vindicate their Natural and Just Rights the Liberty of their persons against any person or persons that may attempt to Deprive them of the same in any respect whatever. And thereby Lay it as a charge on my Children that none of them attempt by Colom of any unjust law usage or Custom that may tolerate them in such attempt to deprive them of their Liberty as aforsd my intention being hereby to set them in the enjoyment of freedom believing it is their Just right assigned them by the Supream Creator of all in common with the rest of mankind hereby also Laying it as a Charge on the conscience of the Courts or Jurys before whome this may be brought that they particularly attend to this Evendence in favour or the poor Negroes Equitable Liberty and also to consider the consequence when a day of final reckoning overtakes them if they wrongfully oppress their fellow men and further I do direct that the following named Negroes having spent the prime of their time in my Service & I do hereby promise and Engage for them that they be entitled to a maintenance when needed from my estate (To wit) Nanny Binah Ben Juda (Dublin) Juda Hannah Easter Peter Will George James Charity Moll Barbary & Sarah In witness whereunto I have set my hand and affixed my Seal this eight Day of the fourth month in the year of our lord one Thousand Seven hundred & Seventy five 1775

Daniel Mifflin

Witness present hereunto
Warner Mifflin
Baptis Lay
Walker Mifflin

I do hereby certify that I fully approbate my Husband executing the foregoing Manumission for the freedom of the Negroes therein named witness my hand
Anne Mifflin

At a court held in accomack November the 26th 1782 This deed of Manumission was acknowledged by the said Daniel as his act & deed and ordered to be recorded

Littl: Savage Clk


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