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3. Elizabeth Anderson daughter of Garrett Anderson and Amy was born in Accomack / Northampton circa 1645. Elizabeth died after 1698. To date the name of John Barnes' wife has not been found in the records in Accomack County. Elizabeth Anderson has been named here as the wife of John Barnes. In his will of 1698, William Anderson names his sister "Barns." His mother Amy had 6 children that are named in the records; 4 children, Garret, Amy, William and Elizabeth by Garret Anderson; and 3 by Nicholas Waddelowe, Comfort, Temperance and Patience. Elizabeth Anderson is the likely candidate to marry John Barnes

She married John Barnes circa 1671. John was born circa 1646 (Houston Colonial Residents: 6). John died before 5 April 1715 (Nottingham Wills: 51).

On 18 November a deposition from Paul Tanner. (McKey Vol. 6 1678-1682: 188).

The deposition reads:

Deposition of Paul Tanner aged 37: While at Onancock last June with John Barkes [Barnes], Barkes' [Barnes] wife, Teague Andrus and others, Tanner listened to a conversation in whci Elizabeth, the wife of John Barkes [Barnes] publicly declared that James Ewell stole her husband's tobacco from Bundick's Island, took it on board a ship and sold it. Signed and sworn in open court 20 October 1681 by Paul Tanner.

John Barnes was the defendant in a court case on 14 July 1681 in Accomack Co., VA. (McKey Vol. 6 1678-1682: 70),

The case reads:

George Hope, guardian of Thomas Bonewell (orphan) sued John Barnes declaring the Barnes bound himself with Roger Mikell for payment of the orphans estate still in the possession of Mikell. The bond also covered cost costs accruing on an order obtained against Mr John Parker as the former security for letters of administration on behalf of Widow Bonewell. Barnes Obligation dated 10 March 1680/1 was produced, and Barnes confessed a judgment for 12 pounds 19 shillings and 4 pence sterling, a "likely" three year old horse and 492 lbs of tobacco. Ordered that Barnes pay the court costs and the debt to Hope, as guardian of Thomas Bonewell."

John made a will on 27 April 1714 in Accomack Co., VA. It was probated 5 April 1715 (Nottingham Wills: 51). An abstract reads:

To Henry Truitte aka Barns 1 shilling. To daughter Ann Mills 1 shilling. To daughter Mary Nock 1 shilling. Son John Barnes resid. Legatee and Executor. Witt: Richard Kittson, Thomas Evans, William Hastings.

NOTE: Alias: Term used to indicate another name by which a person is known. Short for "alias dictus"; otherwise known as (a.k.a). When used in connection with a description of a person it indicates that he/she has used or been known by another name. (Black Black: 71.)

In the Will of William Anderson, Elizabeth was named as an heir. It was probated 4 October 1698 (Nottingham Wills: *). An abstract of his will in part reads:

... To Francis Makemie all the money lent him & that he may have his sloop at my death &c., he paying 6L ster. to my sister Barns; 5L ...

Elizabeth Anderson and John Barnes had the following children:

1. Ann Barnes was born circa 1673. She married Mr. Mills circa 1691. He was born circa 1666. In John Barnes's will on 27 April 1714 in Accomack Co., VA, Ann was named as an heir. It was probated 5 April 1715 (Nottingham Wills: 51).

2 Mary Barnes was born circa 1678. Mary died circa 1716. She married John Nock circa 1696. John was born circa 1672. John was the son of William Nock and Patience Waddelowe. He married second Rose Armitrader circa 1717 in Accomack Co., VA. John died before 29 April 1740. In Amy Fowles will on 20 August 1678 in Accomack Co., VA, John was named as an heir. It was probated 23 October 1678 (Nottingham Wills:9).

In William Nock's will on 4 September 1724 in Accomack Co., VA, John was named as an heir. It was probated 8 February 1726 (Nottingham Wills:79). An abstract of the will reads:

To son William 400 acres where he now lives on the seaside, also 200 acres of land and marsh on the bayside between Gilford and Messongo Creeks provided he neither sell nor rent same without the consent of his brother Benjamin Nock that is to have the other 200 acres of land of marsh belonging to that tract. To son John Nock 250 acres where he now lives. To son Benjamin Nock plantation containing 400 acres where I now live and 150 acres adjoining, also the other 200 acres of land between Gilford and Messongo Creeks. To daughter Ann Nock. To son Thomas Nock. To grandson William Nock, son of William Nock. To 4 daughters Patience, Amy, Temperance Ann 20L to be divided between them. Grandson John Nock, son of John. Sons William and Benjamin Exrs. Estate not to be appraised - Witt: W. Bagg, Jacob Chance and Jacob Lurton.

John made a will on 24 December 1739 in Accomack Co., VA. It was probated 29 April 1740 (Nottingham Wills:*). An abstract of his will reads:

NOCK, JOHN - 24 Dec. 1739 - 29 Apr. 1740 - To sons George & William Nock the younger, land left me by my father William Nock, to be divided between them as my brother Benjamin Nock & Nicholas Guy see fit.  To son John Nock, Patience Bishop, Elizabeth Jarmine, Amy Bishop, daughter Comfort Mannering & the children of Mary Justice, my daughter, & Ann Bundick balance of estate not before given.  Grandson John Baker, son of Comfort Mannering - Wife (no name) son George Nock & Richard Bundick Exrs.  Witt: Ralph Justice, Joseph Bell,  Jacob Shephard. In order of probate: John Nock eld. son & heir at law. Wife "Rose" - see division of estate.

Mary Barnes and John Nock had the following children;

John and Mary had John Nock circa 1698; John and Mary had Patience Nock circa 1701; John and Mary had Elizabeth Nock circa 1703; John and Mary had Amy Nock circa 1704; John and Mary had William Nock circa 1706; John and Mary had Comfort Nock circa 1709; John and Mary had Mary Nock circa 1712; John and Mary had Ann Nock circa 1715.

3. John Barnes was born circa 1680. John died before 2 May 1738 (Nottingham:Wills: ). He married Esther [-----].. Her maiden name is unknown. In 1708 in Accomack Co., VA John bought 100 acres at north end of Timber Creek from John Evans (Whitelaw:1109).

In John Barnes' will on 27 April 1714 in Accomack Co., VA, John was named as an heir. It was probated 5 April 1715 (Nottingham Wills: 116).

John made a will on 16 December 1737 in Accomack Co., VA. It was probated (Nottingham, Wills:116). An abstract of the will reads:

BARNS, JOHN - 16 Dec. 1737 - 2 May 1738 To son John Barnes 70 acres at the head of Hogshead Branch. To son Arthur land beginning at a cedar post between the upper landing point and the little Island. To son Robins Barns 100 acres on the Bayside. To daughter Easter Barns. To daughter Frances Barns. To son William land between the upper landing point and the little Island. To William my water mill. To Ezekiel Barns. To wife Esther. Son William resid. legatee. Should anything accrue on a bond given Henry Satchell on account of Waterfield Dunton's estate, That there is one shilling paid out of my estate on the account of Waterfield Dunton's estate, then I cut my son John Barns entirely off with an English shilling, and what I have give him to go to my son Arthur. Son William extr. Witt: William Parker, John Drummond Job Faddersick. In order of probate: John Barns heir at law.

4. Patience Barnes was born circa 1674. She married George Truitt before 1693 George was born circa 1668. George was the son of Henry Truitt and Elizabeth his wife.

1693 John Barnes assigned to his son-in-law George Truitt, [a short distance up the head branch of Kegotank Creek], and in 1711 he and his wife Parience sold all it to Reverend William Black. (Whitelaw: 1170).

On 4 September 1711 in Accomack Co., VA William Black bought Assawoman Island from George Truitt (McKey Vol. 10, 1703-1710: 48). The Court records read:

Captain Henry Scarburgh presented a letter of attorney mad to him by William Black; it was proved by the oath of Jonathan Bunting. The letter was for receiving the deed of sale for land from George Trewitt and his wife to William Black.

The next record states: George Trewitt presented and acknowledged two deeds of sale for land he sold to William Black. Patience Trewitt, wife of George Trewitt acknowledged her relinquishment of dower to the above land.

Before 1714 George and Patience had Henry Truett.

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