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Comfort Waddelowe, daughter of Nicholas Waddelowe and Amy was born circa 1652. She married three times. She married Ambrose White circa 1667. Ambrose was born circa 1642. Ambrose (McKey 1678-1682:78), was the son of Ambrose White.

Ambrose died before 20 October 1680 (1678-1682:118). An abstract of the court order reads:

Comfort White administrator of Ambrose White (deceased), sued James Ewell for 10,000 lbs of tobacco due by bond .... Case dismissed.

On 17 May 1672 in Accomack Co., VA Ambrose sold Edmund Allen (McKey, 1671-1673 Vol 3: 56). An abstract of the deed reads:

For 300 lbs tobacco Ambrose White sold to Edmund Allen 200 acres at Matopkin on the Seaboard side near James Walker Signed 16 May 1672, Ambrose White and Comfort White. Witnesses Chistopher Calvert and John Townsey.

9 January 1673/4 in Accomack Co., VA an John Coale bought 200 acres of land from the heirs of Nicholas Waddelowe (McKey 1672-1673:18). An abstract of the deed reads:

Ambrose White and his wife Comfort, Robert Mason and his wife Temperance, and William Nocke wife Patience (the wives all daughters and heirs of Nicholas Waddelowe, deceased) for 40,000 lbs tobacco sold to John Coale, inn holder, 700 on Pungoteague Creek at the head of Pocomoke Branch, once owed by John Robins ...

Robert Mason mentions Ambrose White in his will in Accomack Co., VA. (Nottingham Wills:9) An abstract of his will reads:

MASON, ROBERT - 12 Dec. 1677 - 24 Apr. 1678 - To daughter Amey plantation at Pungoteague on the seaside containing 650 acres provided she confirm to my daughter Elizabeth (under 14) 100 acres given her by her grandfather Fookes, & if she refuse Elizabeth to have the 650 acres & Amey to have the plantation where I now live. I hereby confirm the said 100 acres to my daughter Elizabeth & she to have the plantation where I now live. Godson Robert Parker. Goddaughter Mary Widgin. To Thomas White. Wife (no name) residual legatee & Exec., Ambrose White to assist her and to see my land confirmed to my children. Witt: John Sturgis, William Nock.

Amy, mentions her son-in-law, Ambrose White in her will 23 October 1678 in Accomack Co., VA. (Nottingham Wills:9). An abstract in part reads:

... To Ambrose, eldest son of Ambrose and Comfort White.

Ambrose White was alive on 8 November 1679 when he was the attorney for George Hope in the suit James Rainy vs. George Hope. (McKey 1678-1682:78).

Deposition of Comfort Scot aged about 40 years: In January or February 1687/8 before William Saccer [Sacker] died Comfort paid "nine pounds current money of Pensilvania" to William Saccor for a bright bay horse named Flye "ye very horse now being in the courtyard." Signed and sworn in open court on 17 February 1691/2 by Cum Scot.

She married John Rhoades before 3 October 1682 in Delaware (McKey 1683.1690: 37). The an abstract of the court order reads:

Mr. Matthew Scarburrow entered action against Mr. John Roades as the husband of Comfort & administrix of Ambrose White...

John was born in Maryland circa 1651. John was the son of John Rhoades and Elizabeth [-----], his wife. The name of his first wife is unknown.

John made a will on 17 September 1687 in Delaware. It was probated (Turner, C. H. B., Sussex County DE Records, p 137). An abstract of his will reads:

17 September 1687 ...wills his daughter Elizabeth etc, daughter Patience land next to John Symon that he now lives on given to Grace White etc. adjoining land of her brother Wrixam. My son John the residence. Unto my dear and tender mother etc. Unto Nehemiah Field etc. Unto Sarah Strecher wife of Henry Strecher. Unto John How etc. September 1687. Dear wife Comfort her thirds. Witness John Millington, Nehemiah Field.

She married third Jeremiah Scott circa 1689 (McKey 1690-1697:64). An abstract on the Court case Scott vs. Price reads:

Mr. William Anderson (attorney of Comfort Scott) and William Emet (attorney of Jeremiah Scott, who married Comfort, widow John Roades who in turn married Comfort when she was the administrix of Ambrose White) sued John Price for a debt. Price failed to appear and Lt. Col. John West was returned as his bail. If Price did not appear at the next court, West would have to pay the debt.

Jeremiah was born circa 1640.

Amy mentions her daughter Comfort in her will 23 October 1678 in Accomack Co., VA. (Nottingham:9)

Comfort died before 3 August 1707. (Wright Families of DE Vol 4:59)

Comfort Waddelowe and Ambrose White had the following children

1. Ambrose White was born circa 1668. In Amy's will on 20 August 1678 in Accomack Co., VA, Ambrose was named as an heir. It was probated 23 October 1678 (Nottingham Wills:9). :

2. Wrixham White was born circa 1671. In a deed written on 3 August 1707. Wrixham White acknowledged a deed to Michael Godwin (Wright Families of DE Vol 4:59).

Wrixham White as administrator of hs mother Comfort Scott decd appeared in open court and acknowledged according to law unto Michael Godwin 200 acres of land on the s. side of Lewes Town near the head of Whorkill Creek in Sussex County by deed of sale date 3 August 1703.

Comfort Waddelowe and John Rhoades had the following children:

3. John Rhoades was born in Delaware circa 1682. He married first, Comfort Parker circa 1709 (Whitelaw:1063). Comfrot died after 1710 (1064). Comfort was born circa 1691. Comfort was the daughter of William Parker, the son of Phillip Parker, and Elizabeth Powell. Click here for a chart about William Parker.

In William Parker's will on 13 August 1696 in Accomack Co., VA, Comfort was named as an heir. It was probated 2 June 1697 (Nottingham Wills:29). An abstract reads:

To daughter Comfort 215 acres being one moiety of 430 acres belonging to me at St Martin's in Somerset County MD. Balance of land at St. Martin's to son William (Under 18). To wife Elizabeth the one moiety of my land a Matompkin for life and the other moiety to my son William when he reaches the age of 18 years, and at the death of my wife To enjoy the whole 373 acres. Wife Exec. Brother-in-law John Powell and friend George Parker overseers. Witt: Robert Scott, Richard Hill Ayres, Charles Campleshon.

Comfort Parker was mentioned in court on 3 March 1701/2 in Accomack Co., VA (McKey Abstracts, Vol 9: 124, 126. 136, & 139). An abstract reads:

With their Atty., John Powell and George Parker (overseers of the will if William Parker dec'd) in behalf of Comfort and Patience Parker had bought action against William Bagwell and his wife Elizabeth (exec. of the will of William.) The plaintiffs declared that Parker had appointed Elizabeth his sole Executor and had stipulated in his will that his personal estate should be equally divided between his wife and children. They had refused to deliver to the orphans a considerable stock of pork and hogs and sold 2032lbs of Tobacco worth of pork and hogs to several persons in the County. After doing so they moved out of the County. The plaintiffs asked that the Bagwells be ordered to pay 1354lbs of Tobacco. At last Court Perry Leatherbury became posted bond for their appearance and since they did not appear Leatherbury stood trail. Leatherbury asked for proof that the Bagwells had sold the hogs which was afterwards proven that Bagwell had sold several of the Parker hogs. It was then ordered that Leathebury give security for the payment of the Tobacco owed to be paid to the Orphans when they arrive of age."

1709 John and Comfort Roades sold her interest to Thomas Copes, and ten years later when Patience [Parker, her sistet] died without issue, her interest passed to Comfort and the Roades sold that half also to Thomas Copes (Whitelaw: 1064).

John Rhoades married second Alice Coe, the widow of William Coe. (Wright Families DE 3: 187).

John wrote his will on 23 March 1732. It was proved 2 April 1733 (187). Heirs, wife Alice Roades; sons William and John Roades; daughters, Alice Roades, Elizabeth Wiltbanck (wife of Jacob), and Comfort Wiltbanck (wife Cornelius); Presbyterian Meeting House ... Exec. Wife Alice, and son John Roades Wit: Richard Hinman, Robert Shankland.

John died before 2 April 1733 (187).

4. Patience Rhoades was born in Delaware circa 1684.

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