John Ker's Slaves - Contributed by Gail M. Walczyk
NOTE: See Doctor John Ker's tombstone at Eastern Shore Stuff Christ Church Episcopal Eastville, Virginia - John Ker.
James Henry, Bettey's child was born May 18th 1810 Friday afternoon

Mary Edney, Bettey's child was born April 23rd 1813 Friday morning

George, Zilpher's child was born . . .

William, Judith's child was born November 27th 1818

David Rich., Tnney's child was born March 7th 1821 As Wednesday

Jacob, Zilpher's child was born . . .

Samuel, Nilpher's child was born Feby 28th 1823

John Thomas (Judith's child) was born Decr 30th 1823

Robert, Zilpher's child born Aug 18th 1824

October 25th 1824. Sold Zilpher 31 years old and her children, George 6 years old, Jacob 3 years old, Samuel 18 months old and Robert 6 weeks old to Thos Lewis of Augusta Georgia for 360$

Judith had a fine Son born Sept 17th 1825 who lived but 3 or 4 days in consequence of her being ill of fever and Mrs. Ker forgetting to have any assistance afforded to either mother or child. At this time I was so much engage in the duties of my profession that all I could do was to . . . . . for this poor creature and direct what should be . . . (Net page torn out)

Rose, Tinney's child was born Decr 19th 1826

Judith's daughter Harriet was born Dec. 28. 1827

Judith;s daughter Juliet Ann was born Oct. 8-1830

Mary Edney's daughter Betty was born Decr 21. 1830 Tuesday

Tinney's daughter Margaret Susan was born Jany 13. 1831

May Edney lost a fine boy in the summer 1833 by neglect

Tiney's Son George Weston was born Dec. 1-1834

Mary Edney's daughter Francis Ellen was born August 15th 1835

Rachel's daughter Matilda born March...1846 affected with hydrocephalus died July 1847

Rose's Son Henry born Feby 18.1847-

Susy's son Smith Seymour was born Jany 31st 1852 (Friday night)

Amus bought of Jas. M. Nicholson Jany. 1st 1850 about 21 years old

Edmund (Ann's child) came out N. J. Winder's Estate 7 years old Dec. 1849.

Priscey bought of Sev. E. Dowdin was born in the year 1821

Susan, Priscey's child was born Dec. 7th 1745

James Henry, Priscey's child was born June 10th 1848

Alice Rich (Priscey's child was born Oct. 17th 1852

Priscilla born Jany. 12th 1858.


John Ker's notation book, 1801-1858. Archives and Manuscripts Room; Manuscripts; 32809 MBRC 29; Library of Virginia.

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