If Only The Preacher Wasn't in The Churchyard

Walczyk, Frank V.  Accomacke/Northampton Book 1. (Coram NY: Petersrow) page 21:

A court held this 19th of February 1634 at Acchawmacke

John Waltham aged 24 years, Randall Revell 21 years and John Ford 25 years or there abouts, sworn and examined say that they heard Henry Charlton say that if he had had Mr. Cotton without the church yard he would have kicked him over The Pallyzados, calling of him, Black Coated Rascal.

Upon the complaint of Mr. Cotton against the said Charelton and the depositions above expressed, it is ordered that the said Charelton shall for the said offence, shall built a pair of stocks and sit in them thence several Sabbath days in the time of Devine Service and ask Mr. Cotton forgiveness.

Mr. Cotton was the minister at the this time. He must have gotten Henry Charlton so angry that Henry stated that if Mr. Cotton was out of the church yard he would have kicked him over the "Pallyzados" and called him a "Black Coated Rascal." For his punishment Henry Charlton was to build a pair of stocks and sit in them several sabbath days while the Service was going on. He was also to ask Mr. Cotton's forgiveness.

Could "Pallyzados" be Pallisades? - Gail M. Walczyk

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