Give Me A Guardian Before I Steal Again - Contributed by Gail M. Walczyk

From: Walczyk, Frank V., Northampton County Orders & Wills 1704 - 1710, Coram NY: Peter's Row 2001, p 18.)

At a court held for Northampton County by her Majestys Justices of the Peace the 28th day of February 1704.

Whereas Wm. Clark son to Joan Dauly came this day before this court and desired attendance to choose a guardian, he now living with his mother and complains to this court that his said mother has bred him up from his infancy in thiefing and stealing and has been made so appears, as the county records will make appear and the said William, further complains that if he should yet remain with his mother would sometime or other be brought in danger of looseing his life through his said mother's persuadings and doings. The court taking into consideration the ill consequence that may and is likelyhood to bring the said Wm. to, by such unlawfull and ill practices admitts that the said Wm. may have liberty to make choice and for guardian as aforesaid which according makes choice of Charles Floyd to be guardian to him, the said Floyd accepting is allowed of by the court, for such good reasons aforesaid given and him the said William to remain with the said Floyd while the court shall see cause to the contrary.

William Clark came into Court and asked if he chould choose Charles Floyd as his guardian. He states that his mother has brought him up to be a thief, and that if he stays with his mother he might be lose his life doing something worse. The court admits that it is likely that William will lead a life of crime if left with his mother. Charles Floyd agrees to be his guardian while the court mulls over it. - Gail Walczyk

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