Anthony West
Anthony West was born in England circa 1606 (Dorman, Fourth Edition, R-Z: 509). He came to Virginia in the James in 1622, and in the 1623/4 census as living at Mr. Travellor's Plantation at James City. (509). Anthoney West was also listed on the "Muster of the Inhabitants of Virginia" taken between 20 January and 7 February 1624/5 which show his living in Mr. Treasurers plantation at James City (West Descendants: 10). Also listed with him are four other men (Dripps, White Hamon, Kithly) and after their names is the following inventory: 12 Barrells of Corn, 1 hoghead of pease (peas), 1 hoghead of meal, 6 hundred fish, 6 lbs Powder, 30lb lead, 10 pieces fixt [?], 3 Pistols, 1 Steel Coat, 2 male coats, and 3 headpieces. 6 Swords a palled in fort, 1 Dwelling house and 1 Storehouse (West Descendants: 10).

On a return trip to England, on 10 March 1633/4 he married Anne Huffe, the widow of Anthony Huffe (509). Anne, was born in England circa 1608 (509).

Anthony West of ye parish of Stepney in the County of Midd[lesex] Surgeon and a batchr aged 28 years ... alledged that he intented to marry wth Anne Huffe of the frsaid parish widowe aged 26 yeares the relict of Anthony Huffe. As Anthony West of Shadwell, Chirurgion he married Anne Huff on 11 March 1633/4 at St. Dunstanans Stepney (509).

After Anthony's death, and by 7 March 1654 she married Stephen Charlton in Northampton County VA. (Walczyk, Northampton 1651-1654: 191,192). On 7 March 1654, Ann Charlton brought suit against the estate of Francis Yeardley. (191).

In her grandson Henry Scarborough's written before 26 May 1676 in Accomack Co., VA, Anne, was named as an heir. It was probated 26 May 1676 (Nottingham Wills: 8).

Ann died before 17 May 1681 (McKey Vol. 6: 149). On this day in court Edmund Bowman is noted as marrying the executrix of Mrs. Ann Charlton

Anthony made a will 12 October 1651 in Accomack/Northampton. It was recorded 25 May 1652 (Marshall Wills: 31). An abstract of his will reads:
WEST, ANTHONY - 12 October 1651 / 25 May 1652 - My son John West extr. And my wife [no name] and daughter Barloe to have their thirds out of my estate, and my son John to have the rest. And his mother to have the managing of it during her widowhood, but if she married then my son John to enjoy his estate (if it be before he comes of age). No administrator nor overseer to have anything to do with my estate.
Anthony West and Anne had the following children:
1. John West was born on 8 April 1638 (Dorman, Fourth Edition, R-Z: 510). See John West < Future link>

2. Katherine West was born on 9 January 1634/35 (511). She married three times. She married Ralph Barlowe circa 1651 in Northampton Co., VA. It went unrecorded (Whitelaw: 655). the text reads: Barlow married his neighbor Katherine, the daughter of Anthony and Ann West. Katherine died after 2 March 1702/3. (McKey Vol. 9:154).

Ralph was born circa 1605. Ralph was the son of Edward Barlowe and Joan Rishton of the City of Southampton, England, Ralph was a merchant of Elizabeth City County from 1646 to 1650, and later of Northampton County VA (Dorman, Fourth Edition, R-Z: 511). On 5 October 1649 Ralph Barlowe was granted a patent for 850 acres in Northampton County VA (Nugent Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. I:185). The record states:

Mr. Ralph Barlowe was granted 850 acres of land in Northampton County on 5 October 1649 lying north northwest upon great Noswattock River from Arokoko Creek Mouth bounded west southwest with said creek, east north east with Mansotanzick Creek. His headrights were himself, Ann Parker, William Bosman, Walter Norton, Bridgett Richardson, Abraham Morgan, Robert Parker, Thomas Daniell, James Kemp, George Parker, John Meller, Elinor Odait, John Peter, one negro, Roger Hengan and William Hopkin

Ralph made a will on 22 September 1652 in Accomack/Northampton. It was probated 30 January 1652 (Marshall Wills: 32). An abstract of his will reads:
To my wife Kathryne Barlowe the third of what was given by her father's will (and is mine by right of marriage), Two cowes, two breeding sowes, and her wearing apparel, 100#t, and to have her diett and chamber during her widowhood. To child my wife goes with (be it son or daughter) if it lives to the age of two, my plantation in Nandue which I now live upon with all the housing, six cowes, six breeding sowes, and my Negro maid Mary. And in case the child does not live to 16, then said child's estate to my kinsman John Ellzey. In case my mother Joane Ellsey be living 1000#t yearly during her life to be shipped home to her. To my brother Henry Barlow one cow calf, My kinsman John Ellsey Extr. and to him a boy servant John Colte, two sowes, and my wearing apparel. To my mother-in-law a hogshead of tobacco to buy a ring. Witt: John Wise, John Edwards.

NOTE: #t is the symbol for pounds.
Katherine married Charles Scarborough in 1654 in Northampton Co., VA (Whitelaw: 655). Charles was born circa 1625. Charles died before 17 May 1681.

Katherine married Edmund Bowman before 17 May 1681 in Accomack Co., VA (McKey Vol. 6: 149). On this day in court Edmund Bowman is noted as marrying the executrix of Mrs. Ann Charlton. It was the third marriage for Katherine, the fourth for Edmund Bowman (Dorman, Fourth Edition, R-Z: 511).

Edmund was born circa 1620 (Houston & Mihalyka Residents:13). Edmund died before 15 March 1691.

Edmund made a will on 26 February 1691 in Accomack Co., VA (Nottingham Wills: 20) . It was probated 15 March 1691. An abstract of his will reads:
BOWMAN, EDMUND - 26 Feb. 1691 - 15 Mar. 1691 - To wife & daughter Gertrude Cropper plantation where I now live from the Cowpen Branch to the seaboard side & all marsh belonging to it for life, then to grandson Sebastian Cropper. To grandson Edmund Bowman Cropper land called Church Neck binding upon Folly Branch. To grandson Nathaniel Cropper land between small beare branch & Cowpen branch. To grandaughter Elizabeth Atkins 200 acres. Land on Messongo to be sold for the good of my estate To grandson Southy Littleton. To grandaughter Gertrude Littleton - Wife (no name) & daughter Gertrude Cropper residual legatees & Executrices. Witt: William Parker, William Bunting, William Martiall
Katherine West and Ralph Barlowe had the following child (1) Ralph Benony Barlow was born in Northampton Co., VA in 1653 died without issue (Dorman, Fourth Edition, R-Z: 511).

Katherine West and Charles Scarborough had the following child: (1)Henry Scarborough was born circa 1656. Henry died before 26 May 1676 (Nottingham Wills: 8). Henry made a will before 26 May 1676 in Accomack Co., VA. It was recorded 26 May 1676 (Nottingham Wills: 8). An abstract of his will reads:
SCARBOROUGH, HENRY - Not dated - Rec, 26 May 1676 - To Grandmother Ann Charlton cattle & increase for life then to nephews Bennony & Jonathan West, sons of Maj. John West. To aunt, Mrs Matilda West. To nephew John West the younger. To nephew Scarburgh West. Uncle John West Ex'r. To Hatton Hill, son of Robert Hill. Witt: William Towers, Robert Watsone.
3. Anthony West was born on 4 November 1641. Anthony died 23 Nov 1641 (Dorman, Fourth Edition, R-Z: 511).


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