John Parker, Wife Ann, to Thomas Bayly - Deed 23 June 1800 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk

This Indenture made the 23rd day of June in the year one thousand eight hundred between John Parker and Ann his wife of the County of Somerset State of Maryland of the one part and Thomas Bayly of the County of Accomack State of Virginia part Witnesseth that the said John Parker and Ann his wife in consideration of eight hundred and ninety six dollars lawful money of the United States, to them in hand paid by the said Thomas Bayly before the ensealing & delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged Have bargained and Sold, and by these presents do bargain and sell unto the sd Thomas Bayly his heirs and assigns a certain tract of Land containing eighty four acres nore or less in Accomack County and near the court house which desended to the sd John Parker & Ann his wife in right of the sd Ann by the death of Elizabeth Parker daughter of Thomas Parker decd and which land has been confirmed to the sd John Parker & ann his wife by a deed of partition heretofore made between John Parker and Ann his wife, William Scofield and Rosey his wife and George Parker, together with all, and singular the heridetements & appurtenances unto the above discribed land belonging or appurtaining and part and parcel thereof To Have and to hold the sd land unto the sd Thomas Bayly his heirs and assigns forever to and for the only proper use and behoof of him the said Thomas Bayly And the said John Parker and Ann his wife for themselves and their heirs the sd land with all & singular the premises and appurtenances before mentioned unto the sd Thomas Bayly his Heirs and assigns free from the claim or claims of the sd John Parker and Ann his wife for themselves or either of them their heirs or either or their Heirs and of all and every person or persons whatsoever, shall, will, and warrant and forever defend by these peresents In Witness whereof the said John Parker and Ann his wife have here unto set their hands and Seals the day & year first above written

John Parker

Ann Parker

Signed Sealed and

Deld in the presence of

Susa Grinalds

Walter Bayne

Wm Downing

Hezekiah Waggaman

The Commonwealth of Virginia to Wm Downing John S. Ker Walter Bayne Gentlemen justices of Accomack County greetings whereas John Parker and Anne his wife have by their certain indenture of bargain and Sale bearing date the 23rd of June in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred sold and Conveyed unto Thomas Bayly Senr Eighty four acres of land with the appurtenances lying and being in the County of Accomack and bounded to wit as will appear by the Deed hereto annexed And whereas the said Anne cannot Conveniently travel to our District court to be holden at Accomack Courthouse to make acknowledgement of the said Indenture therefore we do give unto you or any two or more of you powere to receive the acknowledgenent of the said indenture, therefore we do give unto you or any two or more of you powere to receive the acknowledgement which the said Ann shall be willing to make before you of the conveyance aforesd, contained in said indenture which is hereto annexed and we do therefore command you that you do personally go to the said Anne and Examine her privily and appart from her said Husband John Parker whether she doth the same freely and Voluntarily without his persuasions or threats, and whether she be willing that the same should be recorded in our said District Court and receive her acknowledgement of the same and whether you have examined and recieved her acknowledgement as afforsd that you distinctly and openly certify thereof in our said court under your Seals, sending that the said indenture and this writ Wittness Edmund Bayly clerk of our said Court, at the Courthouse the 23rd June 1800 in the 24th Year of the Commonwealth

Edmund Bayly

By Virtue of the within Commission to us directed the Subscribers have privilly examined Nancy Parker the wife of the said JOhn Parker in manner as the commission requires and have Received her acknowledgement of the Indenture hereunto annexed, which said indenture she acknowledged freely by and Voluntarily without the persuasion of threats of the said John Parker her Husband that she was willing the same should be recorded in the Court of Accomack which we do Certify to the Said Court of Accomack County, under Our Hands and Seals this the 23rd day of June 1800

William Drummond

Walter Bayne

At a District Court held at Accomack Courthouse the 16th Octr 1800 This Deed from John Parker & Ann his wife to Thomas Bayly was proved by the oaths of Walter Bayne & Hezekiah Waggaman Witnesses thereto


Edmund Bayly CAC

_____.  Accomack County District Court Wills & Deeds Book 1: 90-93.

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