Indenture Between George Douglas and Elias Bell, Bricklayer
Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk

Between George Douglas and Elias Bell Bricklayer

This Inenture made this XXXth Day of September Anno Domini MDCCCXCVI Beteen George Douglas of Accomack County Admr of the one party & Elas Bell Junr, Bricklayer of the other part Wittness that the said George for & in Consideration of Twelve Pounds & ten shillings Current Money of Virginia to him by the said Elias paid before the sealing & delivery of the Receipt whereof the said George Doughlas hereby doth acknowledge that bargained & sold & doth bargain and sell to the said Elias Bell Junr his heirs & assigns for ever All his the said George's rights Titles & interest in the one hundred Acres of lands in the said County aforesaid in the appurts near the Head of Kikotank Branch purchased of the said George of Darby McCarty & by him pure [-----] of Benjuamin Ryal & Wife To have and to hold the said one hundred Acres of Land with the Appurts to the said Elias Bell Junr. his heirs assigns forever to the only use of the said Elias Bell his heirs & Assigns forever and to other use or uses whatsoever And the said George hereby covenants with the said Elias that Tabitha the wife of the said George will not after his Death if she survives him claim any Dower or thirds in the said land & appurts And that the said Elias & his heirs & assigns forever shall and may quietly enjoy & possess the said land & appurts without any Lot Trouble or eviction of the said George Douglas his heirs or assigns or any Person claiming under him or them. In Testimony whereof the Prties afsd have hereto interchangably applied their hand & Seals the Day & Year first above written. George Douglas (S.S.).  Sealed & delivered in the presents of

At a court held for Accomack County September 26th 1746 George Douglas presented & acknowledged the within Indenture to be his Act and Deed to Elias Bell Junr & admitted to Record.


George Holden [---]

Truely Recorded

George Holden [---]


_____.  Accomack County Deeds 1737 - 1746.  P. 516.

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