Deed - Walter Bayne to Hannah a Negro Woman - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk

This Indenture made the 30th day of October in the year 1797 Between Walter Bayne of the one part of the County of Accomack State of Virginia and Hannah a Negro woman freed by Shay of the other part Witnesseth that te said Walter Bayne in Consideration of one Dollar lawful money of this Commonwealth to him in hand by the said Hannah at and before the ensealing & delivery of these presents the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged Have bargained and Sold and by these presents do bargain and sell unto the said Hannah her heirs and assigns a certain Tract of land lying and Situate in the County afsd bounded North by the lands of James Hoffman to the West by the land of the said Hannah which land as aforsd descirbed the said Walter Bayne claims as devisee under the Will of Dublin Drummond decd dated the 1 day of October 1794 and which was duly proved in the County Court of Accomack Sept 25th in the Year 1797 together with all and singular Houses & all issues profits & every part and parcel thereof To have and to hold the described containing Ten Acres more or less together with all and singular the premises herein before mentioned or intended to be bargained & sold and every part and parcel thereof with every of his rights members and appurtenances unto the sd Hannah her heirs and assigns for ever to and for the only proper use & behoof of her the sd Hannah her heirs and assigns for ever. And the sd Walter Bayne for himself and his heirs with all and Singular the premises and appurtenances mentioned unto the sd Hannah her heirs & assigns free from the claim or claims of him the sd Walter Bayne his heirs and of all and every person or persons whatsoever claiming under him or by him will and do warrant and for ever defend by these presents In Witness whereof the said Walter Bayne have hereto his hand and Seal the day and Year first above written
                                                                                                                        Walter Bayne

Signed Sealed & delivered in presence of

At a Court for Accomack County October 30th 1797

This deed from Walter Bayne to Negro Hannah was acknowledged by the said Walter as his Act and Deed and ordered to be recorded

Examd                                                                                                             Litt. Savage Clk


Accomack County Deeds 1797-1799. p. 187.

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