Abraham, Alice, William, Comfort Mister to Marmaduke Mister

Somerset County Deeds 24:127
17 June 1762
Abraham Mister, wife Alice and William Mister, wife Comfort to Marmaduke Mister
Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk

This Indenture made this seventeenth Day of June in the year of Our Lord God one thousand seven hundred sixty two between Abraham Mister of Dorchester County and Alice his wife William Mister of Accomack County in Virginia and Comfort his wife of the one part and MarmaDuke Mister of Somerset County in the Provence of Maryland of the other part Witnesseth the said Abraham Mister and William Mister for and in the consideration of the sum of thirty eight pounds current money of Maryland to them in hand paid by the said MarmaDuke Mister at or before the sealing and delivery acquitt exhonerate and Discharge the said MarmaDuke Mister his executors and administraters hath given granted bargained, sold alined released conveyed, confirmed and by these presents doth give grant bargain and sell alien releas convey confirm un to the said MarmaDuke Mister his heirs and assignes forever all the right title interest claim and demand which they the aforesaid Abramham Mister and Alice his wife and william Mister and Comfort his wife hath in and unto all that moiety or tract of land called Pitch Croft bounded as followeth beginning at a marked Locust post marked with sixteen notches standing at the mouth of a gutt between two hamocks called North End and Pitchele Hamock from thence with a line drawn south one hundred and eight perches thence south west and by west twenty perches thence with a line drawn south by and west by west two hundred perches to a marked Locust post standing by the side of a Creek Called Doggwoodridge Creek and from thence up the north of the said Creek to the head ther of from thence west to Chesapeake Bay from thence along the said Bay Side to the Mouth of Smiths Island Thorofare from thence bounded on the southern side of the said Thorofare to the first bounder containing and laid out for one hundred acres be it more or less together with all the improvements profits previledges herediments and appurtenantices to the same belonging or in any manner appurtaining to have and to hold the aforesaid bargained land and premises with the appurtenances hereby granted or mentioned to be granted released unto the said MarmaDuke Mister his heirs assignes forever and to no other use intent or purpose whatsoever the said Abraham and William Mister for themselves their heirs Execs and Adms doth covenant to and with the said MarmaDuke Mister his heirs assignes that the the aforesaid Abraham and William Mister the the land and premises aforesaid hereby cinveyed and released unto the said MarmaDuke Mister his heirs and assignes shall and will warrant and forever defend the same against all manner of persons whatsoever lawfully claiming the same under us or our heirs in Testamony hereof the partys aforesaid to these presents interchangably their hands have sett and sealed fixed the day and year first above written----------

Abraham Mister
William Mister

Signed Sealed and Delivered
in the presence of
Sampson Wheatly
Thomas Jones

Maryland to wit Remembered that on the seventeenth day of June in the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred sixty and two personally appeared befor the subscribers tow of his Lordships Justices of the peace for Somerset county the within named Abraham Mister and Alice his wife and William Mister and Comfort his wife the said Alice and Comfort being first privately apart and out of the hearing of their said husbands examined agreeable to the act of assembly in such case made and provided did acknowledge the within deed in due form of Law before us.

Sampson Wheatly
Thomas Jones

1762 June the 17th received of MarmaDuke Mister four Shillings Sterling for an aleination fine on the within deed

Joseph Allen

June the seventeenth day anno dom one thousand seven hundred and sixty two then was delivered unto me the subscriber the within written deed in order to be enroled amongst the records of Somerset County which said deed together with the acknowledgement there of thereon endorsed were accordingly recorded amongst the same records in Lib C fol 127and 128 on the same day of the same month and year aforesaid.

Thomas Hayward

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