Deed John Teackle Senr & Elizabeth his wife to Daniel Son of Judah, a Black Man - 20 February 1801 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same

This Indenture made this Twentyeth day of February In the Year of our lord Eighteen hundred & one Between John Teackle Senr & Elizabeth his wife of the county of Accomack in Virginia of the one part and Daniel Son of Judah a black Man emancipated by Thomas Evans Esqr of the other part Witnesseth that the aforesaid John & Elizabeth for and in consideration of the Sum of Forth pounds to them secured to be paid by the afsd Daniel at & before the Ensealing & delivery hereof & the receipt is hereby acknowledged Have bargained Sold Alined enfeoffd & confirmed & by these presents do bargain Sell Aliene enfeoff & confirm unto the afsaid Daniel his heirs & assigns, the follow Tract or parcell of land lying in the County afsd near the Waters of Kegatank bounded Southerly & westerly by the land of Robert Whealton & Sally his wife, Notherly by the land conveyed to Thomas Justice by the afsd John & Elizabeth & Easterly by the Main County Road, Begining at a locust post Standed on the west Side of the afsd Main Road abouth fifteen or twenty yards Southerly of John Coles (the Taylor) dwelling & running Westerly in the cleared land to another Locust post at the intersection on the line of John Cole afsd brother of the afsd Sally Whealton thence running Northerly to a Saplin Oak whereon is a Dead Grape Vine & containing the course to a Gully & the middle thereof where the afsd Lands conveyed unto the Thomas Justice extends, thence down the middle of the said Gully & pond to the afsd main road & lastly along the main Road Southerly to the beginning. Supposed to contain eight acres be the Same more or less together with every advantage thereon belonging and appurtenances. To have & to hold the aforesaid lands & premises together with every advantage or appurtenances to the same belonging unto the afsd Daniel Son of Judah emancipated by Thomas, his heirs & assigns forever, to the Only proper use benefit & behoof of the afsd Daniel his heirs & assigns forever & to no other use or purpose & the aforesaid John & Elizabeth doe by these presents covenant & obledge their Selves & their heirs to warrent & ever defend the premises unto the afsd Daniel his heirs & assigns forever against the claim & Demand of every person or persons Whatsoever for Testimony whereof the afsd the afsd John & Elizabeth have hereunto Set there hands & Seals the day & Year above.
John Teackle
Elizabeth Teackle

At a District Court held at Accomack Courthouse the 16th day of May 1801 This Deed from John Teackle & Elizabeth his Wife to Negro Daniel was acknowledged by the said John & Elizabeth as their Act and Deed, She being first examined privily and apart from her Said Husband, did voluntarily Consent thereto and thereupon the same is ordered to be recorded with her privy examination
Edmund Bayly CDC
Truly Recorded


_____. Accomack County Virginia District Court Wills & Deeds 1800-1806; pp. 354-357.

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