Deed From Richard Parker of Accomack County, VA to Joshua Sturgis of Somerset Co., MD - 13 January 1735 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same.

This Indenture made this 13th day of Jany Anno Dom: One thousand seven hundred and thirty five being the twnety second year of the of the dominion of the rigth honourable Lord and proprietor of the province of Maryland and Avalon Lord Barro: of Baltimore &c Between Richard Parker of Accomack county in the colony of Virginia Marriner of the one part and Joshua Sturgis of Somerset County in the province of Maryland planter of the other part Wittnesseth that whereas the right honourable Land and proprietor of the province of Maryland by his deed of grant made under the great seal issued in the said province for granting of Land there bearing date at the Citty of Saint Maries the Eleventh day of december seventeen hundred and one did for the Consideration of thewin mentioned grant unto George Parker of Accomack County in Virginia all that tract or parcel of land called Wickenoughs neck lying and being in Somersett County on the Eastmost side of Askimminoyconson Neck bounded as followeth Begining at a marked pine near the head of Tims branch thence South Sixty degrees and a half easterly one hundred and eighty perches thence South west half apoint Easterly fifty perches to a marked redd oak standing at the mouth at the north side of Tims branch thence up the main branch of Pocomoke river northeast and by north ninty two perches thence north aquarter of a point Westerly two hundred twenty and four perches thence north twenty nine degrees westerly one hundred Sixty and eight perches thence north thirty five degrees and a half Easterly forty two perches to the mouth of Wickinigh branch thence up the Southmost sid thereof west north west Seventy perches thence South Eighty Seven degrees and a half estererly Sixty perches thence north Seventy two degrees westerly fourty two perches thence west south west fourty four perches thence South thirty four degrees westerly thirty four perches to a marked oak near the said branch and from thence with a right line drawn to the first bounder Containing and now laid out for Six hundred acres of land more or less according to the Certification of the survey thereof taken and returned onto the land office according to the deed of grant by pattent from his said Lordship referenced thereunto being had it doth more fully appear Now know yee that whereas the above named George Parker by his last will and testament did give and bequeath unto his son Bennet and half of the above said tract of land called Wickinough Neck to him and the lawfull heirs of his body the said George Parker likewise in the same last will and testament did give unto his son Richard Parker the other half of the said tract of land to him and his heirs of his body as by the sd last will and testament referance thereunto being had may and doth more fully appear Now know yee that the above named Richard Parker for diver good Causes and Valuable Consideration but more especially for and in Consideration of the sum of fourty pounds Currant money of Maryland to him in hand paid or ready to be paid by the above named Joshua Sturgis the Receipt of which he doth acknowledge and have given granted bargained sold enfeoffed and Confirmed and by these presents doe fully firmly realy and absolutely give grant Allien bargain sell Enfeoffe and Confirm unto the sd Joshua Sturgis his heirs and assigns forever three hundred acres of land taken out of the above said tract called Wickenough neck begining at a marked redd Oak standing by the first bounder of the aforesaid tract of land thence southeast half a point Easterly fifty poles from thence runing northeast by north one hundred and fourteen poles to Peneywogs branch bound on the south side of the said branch to a marked Redd Oak standing on the westmost side of the said branch from thence with a Straight line drawn to the first bounder Containing and now laid out for three hundred Acres To have and To hold the same said three hundred acres of land with all and singular & appurtenances herein or hereby mentioned Expressed or intended to be granted bargained and sold unto him the said Joshua Sturgis his heirs and assigns forever to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining with all the deeds pattents writings and Evidence belonging or relating to the said land and premises Royall mines Excepted and to the only proper use and behoof of the said Joshua Sturgis his heirs and assigns forever and that the said Richard Parker hath good right full power and lawfull authority to convey the said land unto him the said Joshua Sturgis and that his heirs and assigns forever shall or may lawfully and peaceably and quietly have hold occupy possess and Enjoy the said land and premises and every part and parcel thereof free and clear freely and clearly acquitted Exonerated and discharged of and from all dowerys rents and Services the rents and Services which may or shall hereafter become due unto the Lord or lords of the fee only excepted and [-----] further the said Richard Parker doth by these presents Covenant and grant to and with the said Joshua Sturgis his heirs and assigns that he the said Richard Parker will warrent and defend the siad land and premises from him the said Richard Parker his heirs from laying any Just right title or Claim by and from under him them or any of them or to any part or parcel thereof at the reasonable request and at the Cost and Charge in the Law of him the sd Joshua Sturgis in order to make and grant any such further assurances and Conveyances in the law for the further and perfect [-----] of his Counsel learned in the law shall reasonably devise advise or require be it by from [-----] recovery whose Confirmation or by acknowledgment to these presents In witness whereof the said Richard Parker party to this Indenture has putt his hand and seal the day and year first above written giving deed and state with full and peaceable possession by livery of Seisen of and in the premises
Richard Parker

In the presence by livery and Seisen of us
Isaac Morris
Samuel Parker

the words from thereof interlined between the 24th & 25th lines was interlined before the sealing & delivery of the above deed

On the backside of the foregoing deed to was thus recorded Vizt:

Somersett Couty SS
memorandum This day (Vizt) the 13th day of Jany Anno Dom: One thousand Seven hundred and thirty five came before two of his Lordships Justices of the peace for the County aforesaid the within named Richard Parker and did acknowledge the within written Indenture to be his free act and deed and Confess ye the said within mentioned Containing three hundred acres of land to be the real right of the with named Joshua Sturgis and his heirs forever and that he hath received for the same forty pounds Currant money of Maryland
Acknowledged before us
James Martin
Ed: Round

ffebruary ye third day Anno Dom: One thousand Seven hundred and thirty five Then was delivered unto me the Subscriber the within written deed of Sale in order to be enrolled amongst ye records of Somerset County which said deed together with the ackknowledgment thereof thereon Endorsed were accordingly Recorded amongst the same Records or Liber E:I folio 9 to on ye fourth day of ye same month and year aforesaid
p Thomas Hayward and Cl Cur Com Som:

Recd from Josh Sturgis twelve shillings Sterling for an alienation fine on three hundred acres of Land called Wickinough Neck


_____. Somerset County Deed Book EI, folio 9, p. 10, folio 10.

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