The Eastern Shore and the Civil War
The Eastern Shore of Virginia has no great Civil War sites to visit.  There is no Gettysburg; there is no Appomattox; there are no great forts.  The Shore was occupied by Federal troops early in the war to prevent food supplies from reaching the western shore and also to help keep the border state of Maryland in the Union.  Unlike many other areas of Virginia, the court records of Accomack and Northampton Counties were not destroyed, nor was the daily routine of the citizens seriously stressed by nearby battles or foraging soldiers.  Northampton had been strongly in favor of secession, while Accomack resisted the tide.  Once the issue had been joined, both counties (except for Chincoteague Island) contributed men and supplies to the Southern war effort.

You will find here items that show how Eastern Shore inhabitants dealt with the war and its demands.

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