Petition of Negro Sampson - 1786 -Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same

Negro Sampson's Petition ---

That no man shall take advantage of his wrong

That it does not appear how he was carried et al

Importation of Goods

That Mr. Foreman was a Citizen [-----]

Mr. Foreman is not here to contest

The Petition of Negro Sampson alias Sampson George to the Worshipful Justices of the Court of Accomack County humbly sheweth, that, whereas by an Act of the General Assembly of the State of Virginia made in the year Seventeen hundred and seventy eight, for prohibiting the Importation of Slaves into this Commonwealth, it is enacted that all Negroes imported into this State, since the passing of the said Act, Shall upon Importation become Free; And whereas your Petitioner, being the Property of a certain Robert Foreman a Citizen of the Delaware Stat by residing therein for the Space of eighteen Months, was imported into this State, contrary to the said Act, some time in the year seventeen hundred and eighty six and sold by the Direction of the said Foreman to a certain Edmond Custis of Accomack County: Your Petitioner humbly conceiving himself to be a proper Object of the said Act of Assembly and being deeply impressed with the warmest Sense of the Importance of Liberty and inspired with the Noblest of all Passions, that of being free: most humbly imploreth your worships to take his Case under your serious consideration and to extend to him the Benefit of that Law, to which he conceives himself entitled, and as in Duty he will ever Pray &c
Sampson George


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