Thomas Moore Jr & wife vs Children of Jeremiah Moore [West] by Etc 1793-002 - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk

Spelling remains the same

Moore & wife
vs . . . . . Bill & answer
West ---

To the worshipful Justices of Accomack county court in chancery --- Humbly complaining shew unto your worships your orator and oratrix Thomas Moore Jr: and Polly his wife that Jeremiah West Father of your Oratrix Polly and Father of William, Fanny, Sarah and Ann West being possessed of the following Negro Slaves to wit Spencer, Will, Plymouth, Bob Esther, Peg, Sarah, Leah, & Levin, made his last will and Testament in writing wherein and whereby among other Bequest and Devises he devised in the words following "Item I give unto my Daughter Polly on Gold Breast buckle and all the Rest of my Estate ungiven away it is my will and Desire that it should be divided equally between my six children Viz: Polly, William, fanny, Sarah, Ann, and John" and after haveing made and executed his last will and Testament as afrsaid the said Jeremiah West on 10th Day of August anno Dom. 1793 departed this life without having in any manner revoked or altered his said will which will is now of Record in the clerk office of this Court That by the said will no Specific devise whatsoever of any of the said Negro Slaves was made to any person whatsoever by the said Jeremiah West and John West one of the children of said Jeremiah in the said will mentioned is dead before death of said Jeremiah so that the said Slaves by virtue of the will of said Jeremiah do of Right belong to your orator and oratrix in Right of your oratrix to William, Ann, Fanny and Sarah West afrsaid equally to be divided between them But now so it is may it please your worships that the said Wm. Ann, Fanny and Sarah West are infants Under years and incapable as your orator and oratrix are advised of making division of said Slaves so as to binding and obligatory on them without the aid of a Court in chancery. In tender consideration whereof and for that your orator and oratrix are remediless in the premises without the aid of your worships in Chancery where matters of this kind are properly cognizable To the End therefore that the said William West Fanny, Sarah, and Ann West may true distinct and perfect answer make to all and singular the premises as truly and particularly as if here again repeated and they Interrogated that a fair and equitable Division of said Slaves may be made between your Orator and Oratrix in Right of your oratrix and said William, Fanny, Sarah and Ann West in such manner and by such means as to your worships may seem meet agreeable to the Will of said Jeremiah and agreeable to Equity & good Conscience May it please your worships to grant unto your orator and oratrix the commonwealth's writ of Subpoena &c.
G. Parker P Que

The answer of William, Fanny, Sarah and Ann West by John Reed their Guardian by the court appointed to Defend this Suit these Defendants saving to themselves all Benefit of Exception to the afrsaid bill for answer thereto say that the Facts stated in the said Bill are true and these Defendants have nothing to alledge or say against a Division of said Slaves being made agreeable to prayer of the bill. --- these Respondents however are Infants of tender years and incapable by themselves to make Division of them they do therefore submit themselves to this court relying on complete Justice being done unto them in the said Division Without That That &c and these Defendants pray to be hence dismissed &c


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