Jane Webb vs Thomas Savage - July Court 1727 - Dismissed - Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk
Spelling remains the same. Webb
vs. . . in Bill
Filed 11th March 1725
pr GP CC
4th Court 1726
pr GP CC
9th Court 1726
Continued for Complt
to make appear her
[-----] her Children were to serve
pr GP CC
Xth Court 1726
being divided about
Negro Evidence
pr GP CC
ffeb court 1726
Court on plts case
pr GP CC
July Court 1727
Bill Dismissed with
pr GP CC

To the Worshipfull Court of Northampton County Now Sitting in Chancert Jane Webb Humbly Complaining Showeth unto your worships that about Twenty one years past your Oratrix had Commication with Thomas Savage Gent of the County afsd your Oratrix haveing a Stong desire to Intermarry with a Certaine Negro Slave belonging to the afsd Savage Commonly called and Known by the name of Lefte your Oratrix Most Humbly Showeth unto your worships that after the Communion afsd that Thomas Savage Gent afsd did then and there agree too and with your oratrix that in Case your oratrix would Enter into Indenture to and with the afsd Thomas Savage to serve him the sd Savage his heirs the full and just Form and Time of Seven years from the date of the Indenture afsd and also to let the said Savage have all the Children that Should be borne upon her body during the time your oratrixes Servitude or Till they Should arrive to the age of Eighteen, that in Consideration of the Indenture afsd he the said Savage would also suffer and permit ye oratrix to Enter marry to and with the afsd Negro Left belonging to the afsd Savage, and the Savage Did further Oblidge him Self his heirs, Deliver and acquit unto you oratrix the Negro afsd as her husband After the Form and Time afsd and acquit & Discharge you oratrixes husband for any Slavery or Service What Ever form him his heirs or assignes, And Also by the Indenture afsd to them agree to and with ye oratrix that he the afsd Savage would acquire & Discharge any Claim Title or Interest unto all and Every your oratrixes Children that should be borne after the Form & Time of Seventeen afsd and your oratrix further Showeth unto your worships that your oratrix And the afsd Savage did Enter into Indenture to Each other on the Conditions above Mentioned, And your oratrix most Humbly Showeth unto ye Worships that ye oratrix hath full performed the above sd premises, unto the above sd Savage And hath in a friendly manner demanded your oratrix husband and Children which hath been Borne Since the Time of servetude of your oratrix to the afsd Savage Which he hath altogether Refused to Deliver unto your oratrix Your Oratixes further Showeth unto you Worships That Thomas Savage Gent hath Taken the afsd Indenture or Testament of Writing into his Custody and hath Consealed the Same and that your oratrix Cannot Come to the Sight thereof and And [-----] Your oratrix haveing woe [-----] at the Common law Most Humbly prays your Worships to Grant unto your oratrix his Majts Most Gracious Writ of Supeana Directed to the afsd Thomas Savage Gent thereby Commanding him to be and personally appeare before your worships at ut Nox Court held for this County then & there upon his Corporal oath to answer to all and singular the [-----] afsd and to produce the afsd Indenture to this Worshupfill Court and further to Stand to and [-----] Such order and Decree therein as to your Worships Shall Seem meet and your orators Shall Ever [-----] Worships
Jane Webb

vs . . . Spna in Chancery
[-----] 8. April 1726

Northton County Ss
Those are in his Majesty's Name to will and require you to Summon Thomas Savage Senr. Gent. to make his personall appearance before his Majesty's Justices of the peace for this County in Chancery at the next Court to be held for the said County then & there to Answer the Bill of complaint of Jane Webb against him Exhibited and this the said Thomas Savage is in no wise to omitt on pain of one hundred pounds Sterl Dated at the Clerks Office the 11th day of March 1725
G Pole C; Cur

vs . . . Sum
Daniell Jacob
pr Complt

Northton To the Sheriff of
Northampton County

County Ss
These as in his majestys Name to will and require you to Summon Daniel Jacob & John Doe - to make their personall appearance before his Majestys justices at the next Court to be held for this County then and their to give their Evidence in a Suit in chancery Depending Between Jane Webb Complt and Thomas Savage Senr - - Deft on the behalf of the said Complt - herein fail not as also to due return hereof Dated at the Clerks office the 30th day of December - 1726
G. Poke Cl Cur


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