"Russell's Isles" - by Gail Walczyk


The Russell's Isles included Smith's, Tangier and Watts Islands. Tangier Island is about 6 miles below the Maryland-Virginia State line and at one point all the islands below the state line were known as the "Tangier Islands" in Virginia's records. These, among others, included Shanks, Old Walnut Island, Piney Island, Queen's Ridge, Horse Hummock, South Point, and Hog Neck, the latter three being attached to the lower part of Smith's Island in Maryland. The "s" was probably lost sometime after 1880 when erosion took its toll on these islands and the inhabitants moved to Crisfield MD, Onancock VA, or Tangier Island itself.

The Islands in the bay - Maryland:

The Northern part of Smith's Island, South Marsh Island, Long Island, Spring Island, Bloodsworth's Island, and Holland's Island.  NOTE: Jane's Island, (aka Jones Island) and Deal's Island are peninsulas, not islands. They are attached to the Maryland mainland (Somerset County).

The Islands in the bay - Virginia:

Southern part of Smith's Island, Shanks Island, Old Walnut Island, Piney Island, Queens Ridge, Horse Hummock, South Point, Hog Neck, Fox Island, Little Fox Island, and Wheelers Hole.

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