Focus on Joseph Crockett

Sampson Crockett and Alsey Tyler of John Sr. had the following children: 

Joseph Crockett was born in Somerset Co, MD on 19 May 1722 (Miller, Judicials 1733-1736, p. 86). The mother of Joseph was either Alsey [Else] Tyler or an unnamed daughter of John Tyler. 

In John Tyler Sr.'s will on 30 March 1733 in Somerset Co, MD, Joseph was named as an heir. It was proved 22 March 1733/34 (Somerset Wills, EB9:158). 

An abstract of his will reads: 

To my son Thomas Tyler all my whole plantation with all the land that belongs to it and marsh. To sons Adben Tyler, Richard Tyler John Tyler and daughter Else 12 pence each. To grandson Tyler Crockett my bed and furniture, to grandson Joseph Crockett, the next bed and furniture, to grandson Butler Tyler the next bed and furniture, to son Thomas Tyler the last bed and furniture. To grandsons Tyler and Joseph Crockett, also my son Thomas Tyler all the rest of my whole unmoveables to be equally divided between them." Witt: John Evins, Charles Davis and John Hurst [Husk]. 

A share of John Tyler Sr.'s estate went to Joseph on 29 March 1735 in Somerset Co, MD (Miller Descendants of John Tyler 3). The inventory of his estate was taken on 28 March 1734 by appraisers Joseph Gough and John Hurst; the creditors and nest of kin were James Griffith and Joseph Crockett. It was filed by executor Thomas Tyler on 15 May 1834. Thomas Tyler made payments to Arthur Parks for 2 days spent in proving the will and John Hurst and Joseph Gough for appraising the estate. 

In August of 1734 Joseph along with his brother Tyler were bound to his uncle Thomas Tyler to learn the trade of of a weaver. (Batchelder  81). NOTE: Thomas Tyler owned land on both Smith's Island in Maryland and Tangier Islands in Virginia (the land attached to Smith's Island below the Boundary line between the two colonies.) 

Joseph Crockett was listed in the household of his uncle Thomas Tyler in 1744 in Little Annamessex Hundred (Miller Tax Lists 1727, etc., 1744:4). The Tax List reads "Thomas Tyler, Joseph Crockett." 

He married Sally Tyler circa 1744. It went unrecorded. Sally was born on Smith's Island MD in 1725 (Tombstones). Mark C. Lewis, in his files deposited at the Eastern Shore Public Library Acconack VA he states that Joseph Crockett married an unknown Tyler. Kirk Marriner records her name as Sally. (Marriner 13). Because of the birth year on the tombstone she is placed here as a daughter of John Tyler the younger.  Sally was the daughter of John Tyler the younger and Mary his wife. 

Sally died in 1802. She was buried on Canton Ridge, Tangier VA (Tombstones). The stone reads, "Crockett born 1725, died 1802 aged 77 years."

Circa 1745 Joseph and Sally had Molly Crockett. Circa 1747 Joseph and Sally had Thomas Crockett. Circa 1749 Joseph and Sally had Leah Crockett. Circa 1755 Joseph and Sally had Joseph Crockett. Circa 1757 Joseph and Sally had Jesse Crockett. Circa 1757 Joseph and Sally had Sally Crockett.Circa 1759 Joseph and Sally had Rachel Crockett. Circa 1760 Joseph and Sally had Zachariah Crockett. 

Joseph and Sally's daughter Molly married Richard Evans circa 1760. He was the son of John Evans and Arrabella Turnall. Richard wrote his will on 3 April 1800. It was fully proved on 28 June 1824. (Accomack Wills 1824-1825 p. 20) 
The Transcription of his will reads:

In the name of God Amen, April 3rd 1800, I Richard Evans of Accomac County, in the State of Virginia, planter, being weak of body, but of sound perfect mind memory, Thanks be to God, and calling to mind the uncertainty of this present life and willing to settle my affairs while here on Earth, do give and bestow that it hath pleased God to bless me with in manner and form Followeth: Item: I leave to my beloved wife Mary Evans, all my land and moveable estate during her natural life or widowhood. Item: I give and bequeath unto my two sons, William Evans and Richard Evans, all my land and marsh and that it be equally divided between them on the condition that each of them pay twenty dollars to my son George Evans, Twenty dollars each of them. Item: I give my son George Evans on third part of all my land and marsh at the death or marriage of my wife Mary Evans. All my moveable estate to my nine children namely: William Evans, Rhody Parks, Polly Parks, Richard Evans, Betsy Crockett, George Evans, Rachel Thomas, Leah Evans and Choe Evans. And this I make and ordain to be my last will and testament, dissannulling all other will or wills. As witness I have here unto set my hand.   Witt: Josiah Evans, John Parks, and Benjamin Evans.

On 11 August 1763 Joseph and Sally had John Crockett (Tombstones). 

On 31 August 1763 in Accomack Co., VA it was ordered that Joseph Crockett be appointed Constable on Tangier Islands. In John Fish's will on 4 April 1765 in Accomack Co., VA, Joseph was named as an heir. It was probated on 30 April 1766 (Nottingham 225). An abstract of the will: "I bequeath all South Pint the whole patten belonging to me unto Joseph Crockett." To Spencer Tylor all my part of Hog Neck. To Lazarus Bacor. To Jacob Tyler. To David Tyler. Joseph Crockett Exr." Witt: Butler Tylor, Arthur Parks, Sarah Tyler. 

Circa 1765 Joseph and Sally had Tabitha Crockett. Tabitha remained single.

On 16 March 1767 in Accomack Co., VA, Joseph was assigned pew no. 46 in St. George's Church (Walczyk 18). There seems to have been some disagreement on pew assignments for at the next meeting of the Church Vestry the pew assignments were absolved. 

Joseph and Sally's daughter Leah married Stephen Hopkins in 1770. They evedentually moved to Onancock VA. On 12 July 1815 Stephen wrote his will. (Miles 274.) 

An abstract of his will reads: 

HOPKINS, STEPHEN - 12 July 1815 - 28 August 1815 - Son Stephen Extr. To wife Leah Hopkins the whole of my property during her life or widowhood & at her death to so Stephen Hopkins $100. At the death of my wife the whole of the property remainig into 5 equal parts: 1/5 each to sons Joseph C. Hopkins & Stephen Hopkins & daughters Sally Tyler & Tabby Foster & 1/5 to grandchildren Sally Tyler, Nancy H. Tyler, Stphen Tyler & Thomas M. Tyler.The property to the grandchildren to be held by my son Stephen Hopkins as trustee until they come to lawful age. Witt: George D. Wise, Thomas R. Fisher & Isaac Mister. Por: George D Wise & Isaac Mister securities.

Joseph and Sally's daughter Sally married Solomon Linton about 1775 (The Crockett Family, Lewis Files). This family evidually moved to Gloucester County, VA. 

Joseph and Sally's son Thomas married Priscilla Tyler circa 1776. 

Circa 1778 Joseph and Sally's daughter Rachel married Michael Parker.  They lived just below Cashville in the Mt. Prospect area.

On 22 April 1785 in Accomack Co., VA Joseph bought 450 acres on Tangier Island from Robert Andrews. The deed reads" --- for in consideration of the sum of two hundred and twelve pounds ten shillings ---land on Tangier Island containing by estimation four hundred and fifty acres be the same more or less with all rights etc. --- being 1/2 of the said Island which descended to said Robert Andrews by the last will of his father William Andrews dec'd". There have been Crocketts on Tangier Island, VA, ever since. 

Joseph registered to pay taxes for the year 1787 in Accomack Co., VA (Yantis & Love, 1787 Tax List, p 93). Joseph Crockett charged with the tax. 1 male over 16, 3 horses 18 cattle. (Yantis-Schreiner).

Joseph and Sally's son Zachariah married Polly Evans circa 1790. She was the daughter of Thomas Evans. Zachariah worte his will on 12 March 1839. It was proved on 26 February 1844 (Miles 144).

An abstract of the will of Zachariah Crockett reads:

Crocket, Zachariah, 12 March 1839 - 26 February 1844 - My land on Tangier Island to my 4 sons Thoas , John, David, & Peter Crockett & my said sons David & Peter shall have their choice of the lots without drawing therefore in the order in which their names stand on this will. To my son Josiah Crockett $200 to be paid by my 4 sons Thomas, John, David and Peter Crockett in consideration of the land given to them ... My personal estate to my 2 daugthers Alice and Rachel Tyler. My not having given to my son Elisha Crockett any part does not proceed from want of affection for him, but purely in consideration of his grandfather having provided for him at his death. Wife Polly to have he dower in the whole of my estate. Nephew Stephen Hopkins Extr. & he to divide my personal estate wihtout sale. Witt: Levin S. Joynes, Thomas W. Riley & John E. Ames. Prob: The will was partly proved by John E. Ames & Levin S. Joynes Sr. & Thomas W. Riley, the other wittnesses being dead. James J. Ailworth & Thomas R. Joynes made oath that they were well acquainted with the handwriting of Levin S. Joynes & Henry P. Parker made oath that he was well acquainted with the handwriting of Thomas W. Riley. John D. Tyler & Samuel C. White securities. 

Joseph was listed as the head of a family on the 1800 Census in Accomack Co., VA. The abstract reads, "Joseph Crockett: 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 male over 45, 1 female 10-16, 2 females over 45" (Powell). 

Joseph made a will on 18 July 1805 in Accomack Co., VA. It was proved on 28 April 1806 (Accomack County Will Book, 6 1804-1806 p 581). Thomas and Zachariah Crockett and Abel West gave bond.  An abstract of the will of Joseph Crockett reads:

To son Zachariah Crockett 150 acres excluding where I live, in fee simple. To grandson, Elisha Crockett "South Point" in fee simple, subject to the life estate of son Zachariah Crockett. To son Thomas Crockett 200 acres including where he now lives, in fee; to sons Joseph Crockett, Jesse Crockett and John Crockett $100.00 each. Daughter Tabitha Crockett $60.00, also a right to keep what stock she thinks proper on both my Islands. [South Point and Tangier aka Tangier Islands.] Daughters Sally Linton, Leah Hopkins, Rachel Parker and Molly Evans $20.00 each in cash. Son Zachariah and daughter Tabitha residuary legatees, but should Tabitha marry, then her part of the moveable estate and money shall be divided among all her sisters. Sons Thomas and Zachariah, execs.

Joseph died before 28 April 1806. 

In a deed on 14 August 1808 in Accomack Co., VA Joseph Crockett was named as the previous owner of the land that Richard D. Evans had received by deed from from Zachariah Crockett (Accomack County District Court Deeds 1808-1810:60). It was a District Court deed and reads

 Zachariah Crockett sold to Richard D. Evans and William Evans 800 acres for $350.00 "all that Island called South Point (being one of the Tangier Islands" which was devised to him for life and after his [Zachariah's] to his son Elisha in fee simple by the will of Joseph Crockett, father of the said Zachariah and grandfather of the said Elisha. The said Zachariah doth hereby bind himself and his heirs and charge all the lands of which he at present possessed that in case said Elisha Crockett, his son should not here after convey or in case the said William and Richard Evans or thier heirs should ever hereafter be evicted of the said Island called "South Point" that they the said William and Richard Evans should be indemnified and paid for such lots by my real and personal Estate which I hereby charge for that purpose.

Joseph Crockett had ten children, most of whom remained on the Tangier Islands and whose descendants remain there today. See "Tangier Island Virginia"


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