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It is with great sadness that we must inform the public that Gail M. Walczyk, owner of Peters Row, passed away on January 23, 2014. She left a large legacy of published works relevant to students of genealogy and the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Her heirs continue to publish her works through this web site, which is maintained by Wayne Stith. Below is Gail's original welcome message.


Welcome to Petersrow
Specializing in Transcriptions of Court and other Historical
Documents, Family Histories, Area Histories
All Related to Accomack and Northampton Counties and the Chesapeake Bay Area

27 Thomas St., Coram, NY 11727.

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Dear Visitors,

Since 1975 my husband Frank and I had been doing family history both professionally and personally in the Counties of Northampton and Accomack, VA, and the Chesapeake Bay area. For although my married name is Polish, my father was Italian, and I live in New York, my mother was born at Chesconnessex, VA, and her ancestors were among the first settlers of the area. My interest in family history was heightened very early in my childhood, when I sat with my grandmother on her porch rocking in a chair, while she told me of her and my grandfather's families. Among Grandmother's stories of the Marsh family was the recounting that my grandfather's grandfather was a Northern carpetbagger who--"with good Northern money"--came to Chesconnessex after the Civil War and bought all the land from the Wise family. Peter's Row, she said, was the farm where she once lived. Peter's Row was owned by Peter Evans whose wife was Triphenia. Theirs were the graves that lay less than 30 feet from the back door. I was hooked. The works here are all works of love, love of history, of genealogy, of deciphering old handwriting and untangling mysteries. They have also sprung from love of family and of friends, and a deep addiction to this work.

Frank died suddenly May 12, 2003. Frank will ever be with me not only as a husband and a partner but in the work that he so loved.

Gail M. Walczyk